doggy day care near me


doggy day care near me
High energy dogs like huskies love dog boarding with open play doggy day care

Right before holidays we usually receive a flood of inquiries for dog boarding, and the sad truth is we have to turn many away. Why? Because our dog boarding kennels are FULL.  Busy pet parents sometimes forget that dog boarding starts filling up in September. Because of that, when you search for dog boarding near me, you need to start calling those locations and submitting your dogs paperwork immediately.

Dog boarding is very popular during the holidays, for good reason. Dogs are wonderful family members, but they get under foot during meal preparation and while letting in guests.  Add in to that the potential for dogs to get confused or anxious and it’s easy to see why they are actually happier being at a Dogtopia dog boarding facility during the holidays. Imagine these scenarios:

-your little nephew grabs your dogs ears and tugs because they’re ‘so soft!’

-your dog is incredibly tempted by the smell of the turkey sitting right at the edge of the counter top

-uncle Rick left his piece of chocolate cake on the coffee table, and your dog can’t help but drool on it

-aunt Rita is deathly afraid of dogs, and your lovable pup keeps trying to reassure her by following her throughout the house

-your dog sees an opportunity to finally catch that darn squirrel when your great-aunt Sue leaves the front door open, and your dog takes off into the street

-that turkey carcass in the trash is a boney, pointy, dangerous and delicious treat and your dog has already swallowed parts of it

If any of these situations sound like they could end poorly, you’re right.  Accidents happen, and during the hustle bustle of the holidays it’s easy to not notice things your dog might be getting in to. Getting your dog into Dogtopia for dog boarding is a smart move for both pet parents AND their pups.

If you haven’t reserved your spot, call us today!  We sometimes see last minute cancellations, and we’ll do our best to accommodate your dog. You dog must pass our behavioral exam and be up to date on their shots in order to board here, as all of our dogs participate in open play doggy daycare.  Contact us today!

dog day care near me
Pups playing during open play doggy daycare during their boarding stay