If you’re a terrier dog fan, we bet you agree that there’s nothing quite like this feisty little breed! Also, if you’re a terrier dog owner, you’ll love the fact that we’re discounting our normal rate to $25 on April 15th for all of our terrier clients!

Here’s our little tribute for the tenacious terrier:

Terrier Dogs: Who are they and where do they come from?

From Certapet: The name “Terrier” is a Latin word for ‘terra’, meaning ‘earth’. The Terrier Group was bred to hunt and kill vermin, badgers, moles, and foxes. This feisty breed would dig underground dens, burrow, then bark incessantly until the creatures they were hunting emerged.

The name can be misleading in this age of classifying breeds and grouping them. Most breeds with “Terrier” in their name belong to this group, but there are quite a few exceptions. A Miniature Schnauzer, for example, belongs to this group, whereas the American Kennel Club (AKC) has added the Yorkshire Terrier to the Toy Group, and the Boston Terrier to the Non-Sporting Group. It can all be rather confusing!

Let’s talk about that terrier personality

“Tenacious terrier” is a common term for a reason!  These tuff little dogs are fearless and bold.  Thanks to their origin, this dog breed can become territorial of things they consider “theirs” – whether that is their favorite toy, the yard, or food. They are known for their barking at anyone or anything they come across – especially when it comes to ‘their’ home.  That’s why it’s so important to socialize terriers early in life, so that they understand that the world is a big place and that they don’t feel like they need to defend themselves and what’s ‘their stuff’ all the time.

Training terriers can be difficult because they’re so brilliant and have a mind of their own. Always keep it fun and exciting. Make sure to keep training sessions short and full of rewards and praise.

Terriers have tons of energy and require daily exercise. They bored easily and can become destructive without daily exercise. Doggy day care is perfect for terrier for this reason- they get all the exercise they need along with supervision!

Above all else, terriers are loyal, fun-loving, and comical.  They’re fantastic dogs for active families and those who are comfortable investing in doggy day care.

Bring Your Pup to Terrier Doggy Daycare!

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