Can you even contain your excitement over bringing home your new puppy?!  We at Dogtopia love new pups, and we’re experts at helping new puppy owners navigate the process of socializing and caring for your new little one while you’re away.  When travel is upcoming, it’s definitely time to think about where you’ll board your new puppy, and all the concerns that come with having your little buddy away from you for the first time.  Puppies do need slightly more care than the average adult dog, but professional puppy boarding kennel operators are prepared for the responsibility. Here is how to make certain your pup is ready too.

Puppy Boarding Basics

Meet Minimum Age

The puppy must be old enough to have received all of the vaccinations required by our boarding kennel. If kept on a schedule, this means your puppy should be at least 14 weeks of age to have received all the necessary vaccinations (Rabies, DHLPP/DHPP and Bordetella). Also, if your pup is older than 7 months they must be spayed or neutered!


Before boarding it’s important to know your pup well enough that you can inform staff of their likes & dislikes and normal habits. Make sure you let us know if your pup is a picky eater, if they have certain schedules, any allergies, etc. A quirky pet may cause alarm to caregivers if they are unaware this is normal behavior.

Get Them Socialized

Experts advise puppies should be exposed to many new people & animals in their first few months of life, as well as encounter new situations & environments. This is really easy to do at Dogtopia! Pups are able to socialize with different dogs and people in a safe, controlled environment- which sets them up for a lifetime of confidence and adaptability.  Even before coming to Dogtopia you should take care to expose your pup to different sounds & places so they’re not afraid of new people or dogs. Spend time on this type of training to ensure your puppy has a more rewarding visit and will sleep and eat better during their stay.

Think About Food

It’s incredibly important that you know what kinda of food works best for your pup & bring an adequate amount with you for their extended puppy boarding stay. Call us to ask for recommendations on the amount to bring.

Include Personal Items

Bring items that have your scent on them as well as your puppies scent so that they are not completely thrust into a new environment without reminders of home & their favorite person -you!

Prepare for Return

We highly recommend booking a bath at the end of your pup’s stay with us- when puppies play, they can get dirty and we want to make sure they’re fresh and clean when they go back home with you!
A trip to a puppy boarding kennel is a great experience for any puppy when you follow the steps above. Your pup with love Dogtopia!  Call us today to book your reservation!