puppy daycare utica mi

puppy daycare utica mi
Puppies get a lot more out of puppy daycare than just snuggles! (though they really like those too)

Puppy Daycare is exciting & fun in Utica!

Are you one of the lucky people getting a new puppy this December?  If so- count us jealous!  But, as you’ll soon find out, it’s hard work raising a puppy right.  They need a good amount of socialization, and getting them out and about to get it can be time consuming (and sometimes dangerous!).  Puppies between the age of 3 weeks to 18 weeks are in their Socialization Stage. Most new pet owners are getting their pups at 8 weeks- after they get their vaccinations, it’s great to begin socializing them. During this stage, it’s critical that you introduce your puppy to a variety of people, animals, sounds, things and places to ensure proper puppy socialization.

So where should you take your pup to get them socialized?  Puppy training is a good start, but puppy daycare is even better!

Enjoy and treasure these puppy days, as they fly by so darn fast.  And speaking of how quickly puppyhood is over, let’s review the essentials of puppy socialization.


Puppy daycare = socialization = happy adult dogs

From about 3 weeks to 18 weeks old your puppy is in the socialization period of life.  Puppy comes specially prepared for taking in lots of new stuff with an extra bit of resilience and curiosity.  The puppy socialization period is the most important period of your furbabies life, so  don’t squander this time.  Is your puppy already past 18 weeks old?   You’ll still want to continue your efforts with socialization tasks.  Despite the extra preparedness time has lapsed, your puppy will indeed be taking in all his new life has to offer.

Puppy socialization is all about preparation and prevention.  We want to use this period of your puppies life to prepare her for the many life experiences she’ll encounter as a social family dog.  We also want to do all we can to prevent serious behavior problems in the future that stem from fear.


The power of first and early experiences for your puppy

1st and early experiences have enormous weight on if your pup will see something as safe or scary.  While in the socialization period, we’ll want to shower your pup with as many experiences as humanly possible.  Yet always ready to swoop in and be her hero if she gets overwhelmed.  And remember being your pups hero is maintaining a calm and reassuring presence yourself.

With our ability to set up those first and early experiences in a thoughtful way, we’ll ensure they’re indeed good experiences.  One exposure to a particular new experience is not nearly enough.  We want lots of padding, as in many times this situation has predicted lots of fun.  When bad experiences inevitably do happen, your pup has had lots of previous good times and the likelihood of her concluding this is now dangerous in her mind is much less likely.

Puppy daycare is perfect for your vaccinated pup

Your puppy can thrive in a Dogtopia environment!  Our puppy daycare services allow your puppy to socialize & exercise, learning and growing all day long.  ALL while under the supervision of our staff.  Can it get any better? We don’t think so.  Contact us today for a tour and you’ll see why!