The vast majority of dogs are a great fit for dog day care in Utica, but you will obviously want to do whatever you can to ensure your beloved pet will have a great time during his stay. Daycare is a great way for pet owners to make sure their dogs are well cared for while they are at work or running errands, and it is also a great way for their companions to safely burn off some energy. Here are some ways you can ensure your dog will be a good fit.


If your dog is friendly toward humans and other dogs and has a good amount of energy, then there is a very good chance he will get along great when you take him to dog daycare in Utica. In fact, he should be an ideal candidate as long as he does not have any medical problems that would keep him from being able to play. Daycare is the perfect outlet for a dog who might otherwise have to stay at home all day and fall into inappropriate behaviors such as chewing up furniture, shoes or other items. Even bringing him a day or two each well will do him a lot of good.

Dog Day Care in Utica – The Meet and Greet

Before your pet can stay at our dog day care in Utica facility, one of our expert Dogtopia staff members will meet with your dog. This meeting is to make sure they will be able to get along with our other guests. But you should be evaluating us at the same time; schedule an appointment to come in and take a tour of our facility to make sure you will be 100 percent confident in leaving your beloved pet with us.

Contact Us About Dog Day Care in Utica

If you would like to schedule an appointment at Dogtopia’s dog day care in Utica facility, contact us online or give us a call at 586-413-9500.