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Are you looking to improve your dog’s behavior, teach new skills and gain the knowledge to help your dog navigate through life?  Our classes are designed to target specific challenges and behaviors. Our trainers will teach you how to employ positive reinforcement techniques, read your dogs body language and help you understand the root cause of the behavior. We tailor the training to each dog and owner to address and modify any specific challenges they may have.

All Classes are $55. To sign up for one of the classes, CONTACT us at 401-903-4900 or at [email protected]All classes must be paid in full at time of registration – limited spots are available. Classes are non-refundable. If you need to miss the CLASS, please call us and we can reschedule you to the next available class.

Confidence Building
Saturday, November 5
This is a perfect class for dogs who are shy, nervous or have anxious tendencies as we will develop your dog’s confidence through accomplishment, repetition and patience. In this group class you will learn the skills and concepts to help your dog overcome situations that may be scary to them. We’ll cover:

  • How to read and respect dog body language
  • Games to build confidence
  • The confidence spectrum
  • How obedience helps with confidence

Jumping & Crate Training
Monday, November 7
Tired of the jumping? Does your dog refuse to go in their crate or struggle to settle down when in the crate? Our trainer will teach you how to incorporate games and challenges to keep learning fun. In this class, we’ll cover:

  • Why your dog jumps or is overexcited
  • Proper greetings
  • Jumping games and management techniques
  • Why the crate is essential for dogs
  • The basics of crate training
  • Games to reinforce the crate

Learn the Leash
Monday, November 21
This group class is designed to help you and your dog enjoy your walks! We incorporate games and challenges to keep obedience fun. You’ll learn:

  • Proper manners while getting gear on and off
  • Loose leash walking games + management
  • How to set up situations in which correct behavior will occur so you can reinforce it
  • How to properly handle the leash
  • Training drills to build engagement with your dog

Impulse Control
Monday, November 28
This group class will help you learn how to teach your dog to resist the temptation to perform unwanted behaviors such as stealing, lunging, barking and jumping! This is a great class to take after you have taken the Jumping & Crate Training class. In this class, you’ll learn:

  • How to provide structure and direction to your dog in everyday situations to improve impulse control
  • The “Place” command
  • Release cues
  • The “Leave it” command
  • How to increase engagement and check-ins


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