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Are you looking to improve your dog’s behavior, teach new skills, and gain the knowledge to help your dog navigate through life? Our classes, taught by Black Diamond Dog Training, are designed to target specific challenges and behaviors. Trainers will teach you how to employ positive reinforcement techniques, read your dog’s body language, and help you understand the root cause of the behavior. Visit Black Diamond Dog Training to sign up for any of these classes.

Mastering Manners – $375
Thursdays: 7–8 p.m, 4/11 – 5/16.
This class is dedicated to enhancing the bond between humans and their canine companions by equipping them with effective communication skills. Through this curriculum, participants will learn to cultivate a robust relationship, instill confidence, and establish clear behavior expectations with their dogs. The course encompasses the following core elements:

  1. Foundational Canine Communication: Delve into the fundamentals of canine communication, enabling dog parents to comprehend their dogs’ body language, vocalizations, and non-verbal cues.
  2. Jumping: Learn techniques to curb jumping behavior, ensuring that dogs greet people in a polite and controlled manner, promoting safety and comfort.
  3. Foundational Crate Training: Gain proficiency in crate training, a valuable tool for fostering a secure and well-behaved pet.
  4. Basic Leash Etiquette: Master leash manners to enable enjoyable and hassle-free walks. Techniques for teaching dogs to walk without pulling on the leash will be explored.
  5. Door Control: Teach dogs to exhibit courteous behavior around doors, such as waiting for permission to enter or exit, and refraining from excessive barking at visitors or the doorbell.
  6. Engagement with Handler: Foster active engagement and connection between dogs and their owners through engaging activities, interactive play, and stimulating mental exercises.

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Reactive Reform – $400
Tuesdays: 7-8 p.m., 4/9 – 5/14.
This class is expertly crafted to empower dog parents with the knowledge and skills needed to comprehensively address and transform their dogs’ strong reactions to various stimuli, such as people, other dogs, cars, and bikes. Throughout this course, participants will embark on a journey of discovery, covering the following essential topics:

  1. Roots of Reactivity: Gain insights into the roots of reactivity and explore the diverse levels of reactivity exhibited by dogs and where your dog is at. Learning to understand the underlying causes and triggers is key to effective management.

  2. Body Language Mastery: Develop a keen eye for canine body language, a critical skill in identifying and interpreting the signals dogs use to communicate their emotional state.

  3. Creating Success in Overstimulating Environments: Learn invaluable techniques for setting your dog up for success in highly stimulating environments. Effective management strategies will be discussed to ensure dogs remain calm and focused.

  4. Pattern Games: Dive into the world of pattern games, an engaging and effective way to redirect and channel a dog’s attention and energy. These games promote mental stimulation and can be pivotal in managing reactivity.

  5. Transforming Emotional Responses: Learn the art of counter-conditioning, a transformative approach to altering your dog’s emotional responses to stimuli. Explore methods to replace fear, anxiety, or frustration with neutral/positive association.

By enrolling in this class, participants will equip themselves with the expertise required to navigate and overcome their dogs’ reactivity challenges. This comprehensive curriculum empowers owners to foster a more harmonious and emotionally balanced relationship with their beloved canine companions.

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Confidence Building & Enrichment Workshop – $70 (6 dog limit)
Sun, April 14, 9:30-11:30am
This class combines the fun and species-specific fulfillment of enrichment activities along with confidence-building exercises. We will play games, practice basic skills, build confidence through obstacle courses, and teach you techniques to build your dog’s confidence in various ways. You will learn different ways to entertain and enrich your dog and fun games to play indoors!

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Reactive Reform Workshop – $70 (5 dog limit)
Sun, April 14, 12:00-2:00pm
This is a fun and education experience with your dog. As we enter the cold weather often our dogs struggle with the change of inside time and we struggle with the behavior that manifests from that pent up energy. You will learn different ways to entertain and enrich your dog and fun games to play indoors! There is a limit of 6 dogs to this class.

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To sign up for any of these classes,  please visit Black Diamond Dog Training!

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