Today, our pups are emBARKing on a culinary journey to the Epcot International Food Festival for dogs! Treat your pup’s taste buds to an array of dog-friendly snacks inspired by cuisines from around the world. From French pastries to Italian gelato, your pup will savor every bite of this global feast! Join us for a day of delicious delights and tail-wagging fun! Please be sure to fill out a form to select three countries your pup will “visit” today.

Canada: Maple Mutt-Mallow
China: White Rice
France: Cheese Cube
Germany: PB & Pretzel Bites
Italy: Peanut Butter Cannoli
Japan: Cucumber Slices
Mexico: Dog Taco
Morocco: Cous Cous
Norway: Dehydrated Cod Chips
UK: Chicken
USA (Classic BBQ): S’mores Treat