Dog bored? Let them come play with us! Our climate-controlled playrooms are ready, deep cleaned and are sanitized with pet-friendly cleaning supplies throughout the day.

Woodbridge team


If this is your pup’s first time at Dogtopia, there are a few things pet parents should prepare prior to rewarding your dog with the most exciting day ever!

As Dogtopians, we're a unique breed, we love and care for your pup like our own furry family.

At Dogtopia, our passion is giving every single dog the best-individualized care with their health, safety, and comfort as our top priority! Our home away from home environment is the perfect place for your pup to learn, play, and socialize with their BFFF (Best Furry Friend Forever).

Meet the Team

Mijah, Canine Coach

Mijah has always had a love for animals and often cares for her neighbors pets! Mijah also has a passion for art and hopes to one day become a world renowned artist! Meanwhile, we have the pleasure of enjoying all of her wonderful art creations on all our dogs’ A+ cards! Mijah’s favorite activity to share with the dogs is all the cuddling-she just can’t get enough! Mijah loves working at Dogtopia because she gets to learn about new breeds and enjoys playing with them all day!

Arly, Front Desk

Arly has a Maltipoo named Casper. What she loves most about Dogtopia is getting to pet and cuddle all the dogs. She really enjoys caring for the dogs that come here. She wanted to be a bunch of things when she grew up, but after she got Casper she knew she wanted to work with animals forever!

Cassie, Manager

Cassie is in school for Animal Science so she can be a Veterinarian! She has a Mini Goldendoodle, Oliver! Cassie is the 3rd oldest of 10 kids so she’s used to being busy. She is obsessed with dogs and loves all the pups here at Dogtopia!

Anthony, Canine Coach

Anthony is currently taking classes to be a Dog Trainer! He’s always had a passion for animals and is excited to peruse his dreams of working with them as a career! Anthony has had a long love for Beagles but after working with the dogs here is grown a new love for HUSKIES!

Matt, Canine Coach

Meet Matt! Mat relocated to our location from Gainesville and has been such a great addition to our Dogtopia family! He is originally from Newburgh, New York, he moved down to Virginia to reside in Woodbridge with his Vizsla/Pitbull Mix, Chino. He likes to make music and play basketball with his free time. He is saving up to go to school for musical engineering. His love of dogs makes him want to work with rescue teams and shelters.

Amanda, Canine Coach Leader

Meet Amanda! Amanda has a cat named Mr. Midnight, 3 rats named Sugar, Billie and Clem. She also has a Guinea Pig named Bean! She hopes to one day be an Animal Protection Police Officer. In the meantime, you’ll find her playing with all the different breeds and sizes of dogs that Dogtopia accepts.

Dion, Canine Coach

Meet Dion! Dion has 3 cats named Little, Kujo, and Scrap! In his free time, you can find him snowboarding. Dion hopes to one day own his own dog hotel. In the meantime, you’ll see him playing with all the wonderful doggos at Dogtopia!

Dijohn, Canine Coach

Dijohn has always loved animals as a kid. He would watch multiple different animal documentaries and shows to gain more knowledge on them. Growing up you would find Dijohn walking through the woods with his friends collecting different bugs, turtles, and frogs. Along with his adventures outdoors, he had his fair share of animals at home. Fish, birds, turtles, dogs, and even baby rabbits! Dijohn wants to take his passion for animals and pursue in becoming a Zoologists.

Brea, Front Desk

Brea relocated to our location from Manassas and we absolutely love having her here! Brea has a strong passion and love for animals, especially dogs! She enjoys watching horror films and binge-watching TV shows.

Taryn, Canine Coach

Meet Taryn! Growing up in Kentucky, she spent most of her free time outside with animals of all kinds. She started fostering dogs at a young age and has been involved with animal rescue since. Taryn intends to work with dogs full-time for the rest of her life and loves getting to do just that at Dogtopia. Taryn also hopes to one day work in animal rescue or start an animal rescue organization of her own.

Nas, Canine Coach

Meet Nas! Nas is a transfer from Dotopia in Tyson’s and we’re so happy that he joined our Woodbridge family! He is VERY passionate about dogs! He is a lover of any and all dog breeds. He even has a dog of his own, a beautiful Pitbull Terrier Mix named Willow. When he’s not in the playrooms dancing and having a ball with everyone, he does obedience training for dogs!


Bischon Frise Running in Dogtopia
Big Doggie on Slide
Pup with Tongue Out in Bath