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Opening Fall 2022!

Opening Fall 2022!

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Dogtopia of Ahwatukee

We believe that every dog deserves regular daycare. Our mission is to enrich your dog’s life by providing a safe, stimulating, and supervised environment for them to learn, exercise, socialize, and have fun!

At Dogtopia of Ahwatukee, we understand the value that daycare brings to our furry friends’ lives. We send our children to school to learn, make friends, and have fun. Why should our four-legged family members be any different? We strive to create the perfect environment for your pup to thrive during the day, so you can bring home a happy, well-exercised dog who’s ready to snuggle with you and your family.

Aside from our highly trained staff and brand-new, state-of-the-art facilities, Dogtopia stands apart because we are 100% focused on our community of daycare dogs.


We provide the highest quality open-play dog daycare in Ahwatukee. Dogs thrive in an environment that promotes socialization, learning, exercise, and fun. That’s why Dogtopia of Ahwatukee plans to offer so much more than just a place to leave your dog during the day. We live to enrich your dog’s life with our supervised, open-play doggie daycare.

At Dogtopia, your pup will have total freedom to play and make friends in our safe, supervised, off-leash playrooms. We have designed every aspect of our spacious playrooms – from the rubberized floors to the advanced UV air filtration systems – with the goal of creating the safest, cleanest, most fun environment for your dog. Our unique training program ensures our certified Canine Coaches are skilled in maintaining safe play and rewarding good-dog behaviors, while gently discouraging the… not-so-good-dog ones.


Dogtopia of Ahwatukee has meticulously designed its brand-new doggie daycare facility and time-tested operating practices using scientific research and the best available technology.

  • Unique enrollment model: only dogs enrolled in daycare enjoy access to boarding. This builds the tight-knit pack needed for a safe and educational open-play environment.
  • Webcam access so you never feel separated from your pup.
  • Rubberized playroom floors aid long-term joint and paw health.
  • Pre-enrollment evaluation process: we ensure all new dogs are well suited to open-play.
  • Advanced UV-filtered HVAC systems keep the playrooms cool, fresh and clean.
  • Rigorous cleaning regimes sanitize our playrooms using safe, pet-friendly cleaning products.
  • Canine Coaches must complete a rigorous training, designed by a canine behaviorist, on dog body language and behavior.
  • Custom-built software to track nutrition, medication and other specific needs for every dog in our care.
  • Three large playrooms, separated by size and play style so your dog can play with like-minded pups.

Enroll in Doggie daycare and JOIN OUR PACK

At Dogtopia of Ahwatukee, we are committed to creating the safest, most fun open-play dog daycare possible. We believe that creating a tight-knit pack of consistent playmates is the best way to achieve this and our enrollment model makes this a reality. Just like with child daycare, a consistent group results in better friendships, safer play, more learning, and a drastically lower chance of getting sick (dogs can catch colds too!).

Dogtopia offers overnight boarding only to dogs enrolled in daycare and we encourage regular daycare attendance to ensure that every dog in the playroom is familiar with open-play, is able to find their BFFF (Best Furry Friend Forever), and develops a strong relationship with our certified Canine Coaches.

Convenient Doggie daycare in Ahwatukee

Our Doggie Daycare is located conveniently off of I-10, on the corner of Elliot and 48th St, inside of the Ahwatukee Mercado Plaza, which is home to Brunch Snob, Cactus Jack’s Bar & Grill, Sakura Sushi, Safeway, and Los Taquitos. We are also just a short drive northwest of Tempe Sports Complex

Located on Elliot, slightly east of us are Walgreens, Walmart Supercenter, and Costco. Across the street, there’s a Chesapeak Bay Bistro and Caffe Boa, as well as The Original Burrito Company as a fast food option. South of us is the Ahwatukee Palms Plaza which is home to Bashas’, Andy’s Frozen Custard, Taste of Thai, Philly’s Sports Grill, and more. A little more southeast, off of I-10, is IKEA and Main Event Tempe

We proudly serve the nearby communities including Spanish Mountain Estates and Desert Foothills Estates. Nearby apartment communities include Serafina Apartment Homes, Pacific Bay Club, Carlyle Townhomes, Mountain Park Ranch, Vista Sureno, Verano Townhomes, and San Sonoma.


If you have any questions about our services, please call us at 480-680-7018 or fill out our contact form. Our friendly and knowledgeable team is here to help!

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