Best Of Friends At Dogtopia Of North Austin

It’s October and that means Halloween and trick-or-treat.  This time of year is a lot of fun with the kids and having the pups outside in the cooler weather.  But, with so much activity outside on this special night, there are safety tips we must all keep in mind with our pups

  1. Halloween candies are not for dogs.  And make sure your pup doesn’t pick up loose candy on the floor or street from the kids.  It can easily happen, especially at night.


  1. Don’t leave pets out in the yard on Halloween – especially the front yard. Even if your dog is friendly, you don’t know what could happen.  And, a loose dog in the front yard will scare away many families.


  1. Pet should be kept away from the door. When you are answering the door so many times Halloween evening, you don’t know how your pup will react to the folks on the other side.  It only takes one time…keep your dog away from the door during the evening – maybe behind a barrier or in a different room.


  1. Keep light and extension cords out of reach. Halloween brings a lot of decorations inside and outside.  Leaving an extension cord in the yard with a dog that likes to chew would end badly.


  1. Keep a close eye on your pet when kids approach. This tip might be most important of all.  During the evening, whether you are walking around or sitting out in the front yard, kids will want to approach your dog and pet it.  Question is – how will your dog react?  If your dog is not tolerable of all people (or other dogs walking around with their parents), you might be best served leaving your dog inside away from the crowds.


Following these tips will help make it a safer and fun night for everyone and your pet.  Happy Halloween!