Pearly Taking A Break from the chase

Today when I was driving around town in the much cooler fall weather, I saw many people out taking walks, jogging, or giving their pup a walk.  All the outdoor activity got me thinking about how kids love to come up and ask if they can pet your dog.  Are the kids in your neighborhood prepared to greet your dog appropriately?  Or, when you are out and about, do your kids know the right steps to approaching a new dog?

Usually children from dog families know more of rules, but it is always great to do a refresher with them:

  1. Always ask for permission before petting a dog.  Not every dog wants to make new friends.
  2. After getting the go ahead, pet the dog under the chin and down the chest.  This way the dog can see you and know what you’re doing.
  3. The way you behave influences the dogs behave.  Making lots of noise and wild movements can upset a dog!
  4. Dogs can’t use words to tell us when things aren’t right, so pay attention if a dog gets very stiff or shrinks away.  It may mean they’re not ready to be friends.
  5. If a dog is carrying a toy or eating food, just give them some space; don’t try to touch what they have.

These simple tips will set your own kids and all their neighborhood friends on the right path!