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5213 Homberg Dr, Knoxville, Tennessee 37919

4.9 Star Rating - 200 reviews

You guys are the best!

I love being able to look at the camera and check on my pup. I also really like that he doesn’t come home super dirty since it’s all indoor.

I work there as a canine coach and I love all the coworkers there and the managers!! Awesome people!

Grateful for a safe place for Rio.

Great experience all around! Staff were very friendly and welcoming, they communicated with me, their prices are reasonable, and my dog came back to me smelling and looking clean! No complaints. I’m happy to have found a go-to spot for grooming.

The freedom to call for a quick appointment.

Wonderful staff!! Friendly, loves the dogs, takes time with the parents to share about the dog’s day, great communication, fun treats!! Good company, easy to navigate the website, bookings and events are very well communicated. Highly recommend❤️❤️❤️

They are very friendly, you and your pup feel valued

Our pup had a great day on his very first day. He has pretty severe separation anxiety and the ladies all were so caring and attentive that he walked right in and stayed with no problems! The place is clean, well run and just plain awesome!

When she got home, she drank a LOT of water. She may have been too excited all day to have drank, but it made me wonder how available water was to her, or did she know where it was? I love that she was with friends all day, and would consider this for an occasional dog-sitting day, AND it is reasonably affordable! I’m just not sure she had enough fun to do it regularly, for her.

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