dogtopia toy dogs doggy daycare

dogtopia toy dogs doggy daycare
Little dogs with big personalities might prefer playing with larger dogs at doggy daycare.

Often times when I am around people with little dogs, they always say their little dog has a ‘big dog complex’. This meaning, even though the dog is little in size, they think that are big enough to take on the toughest challenges. Although, if a dog of little stature thinks like this and is mixed with a bigger dog size who also thinks this way…there may be some problems. At Dogtopia we have special rooms for our doggy daycare that are dedicated to each dog type and size.

The three different rooms are called: the toy room, the romper and the gym. By doing this, we are able to put dogs together that are ‘alike’ and play to each size standards.

When your dog is first brought into Dogtopia, they are ran through a personality test. This test is to simply see how well they would get along playing with different dogs. We determine if they have more of a dominate, playful or shy personality then pair them so they are playing with dogs of similar personalities.

We always have your dog’s best interest in mind here at Dogtopia!