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Dog Daycare Prices



Weekend: $20.00

Daycare – Per day: $33.00

10 -1/2 Days Pkg: $200.00

5 Day pkg: $160.00

10 Day pkg: $300.00

20 Day pkg: $560.00

30 Day pkg: $790.00

Unlimited month pkg

(Weekdays only- 20 days): $450.00

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Dog Boarding Prices

Up to 10 hours of open play + night care. Check-in anytime between open and closing hours. Check out by 12 p.m. Check out after 12 p.m. will result in a $33 full day of daycare fee.


Standard Boarding

Standard Boarding: $55.00

Standard Boarding Multi-Dog Discount:  10% Off 2+ Dogs

Standard Boarding Multi-Night Discount:  10$ Off 5+ Nights


Suite Boarding

Suite Boarding $70

Suite Multi-Dog Discount (Shared Suite):  $55 for 2nd+ Dog

Suite Boarding Multi-Night Discount:  10% Off 5+ Nights


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Dog Spa & Self Serve Dog Wash Pricing

Bath Small: $20.00

Bath Medium: $30.00

Bath Large: $40.00

Bath XL: $50.00

Self Serve Bath: $15.00

Nail Trim: $10.00

Teeth Brush: $10.00

Ear Cleaning: $10.00

Brush Out: $10.00

Furminator Shampoo: $5.00

Whitening Shampoo: $5.00

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Kong Small: $4.00

Kong Medium: $5.00

Kong Large: $6.00

Bento Ball Small: $5.00

Bento Ball Medium: $7.00

Bento Ball Large: $10.00

Puzzle: $5.00

Gourmet Cookies: $2.00

One-on-One Time: $6.00 per session

Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner: $1.00 per meal


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