puppy boarding and doggy day care in Birmingham MI
Puppies love puppy boarding because they get to play all day! They’re “Dogtopia tired” at the end of the day and ready to sleep.

Emergencies happen, and though you may never want to leave your new puppy, you might need to. Luckily, there’s a safe, convenient, and FUN place for puppy boarding located in the Rail District in Birmingham, MI. Our puppy boarding is an essential service for busy pet parents, and since it combines our open-play doggy day care you’ll have the added benefit of your little one getting puppy socialization while you’re away. Before you absolutely NEED puppy boarding services, we recommend you come in for a tour and enroll your puppy in our doggy day care.  Our doggy day care is a great way to keep your puppy healthy, happy, and loving life as they get used to being away from home and around other dogs and people.  Check us out on Facebook to see all the fun your puppy could be having! Before you decide to come in with your puppy, we encourage you to read up on the basics of what to expect and what you’ll need to do to ensure your puppy has a great experience at Dogtopia.

Puppy Boarding in Birmingham, MI: Know Before You Go

Your puppy loves you and your family, and leaving you is going to be stressful the first time it happens. That’s why getting your puppy used to coming in to something fun like doggy day care can have such huge benefits to their life! They’ll handle puppy boarding, veterinary visits, and more like it’s just another day going to the ‘fun place’, Dogtopia of Birmingham! Our open-play doggy day care is a great way to increase your puppy socialization without having to walk your puppy through dangerous situations (unfamiliar, untested dogs on sidewalks in the downtown area). Getting your puppy involved early in doggy day care is one of the best things you can do to ensure that they’re comfortable when they need to stay in overnight dog boarding as adult dogs. Schedule a tour today! Our doggy day care clients love us and have VIP status when it comes to boarding, which becomes an important factor to consider when thinking of boarding your puppy around the holidays when dog boarding kennels fill up months in advance.

Before you even decide to board your puppy, you need to cover your basics.  Here’s a helpful list below:

  1. Get vaccinated.  You veterinarian will need to ensure that your pup has had all their vaccinations prior to boarding.  For the health of your pup and all of our doggy guests, you MUST be current on the following vaccinations: Rabies, DHPP, and Bordetella
  2. Your pup should be over 3 months of age
  3. If your puppy is over 7 months of age, they MUST be spayed or neutered (nobody wants puppies having puppies!!)
  4. You’ll need to review your pup’s health history with most dog boarding kennels, and those pups who have had a communicable disease in the past 30 days are not allowed at Dogtopia
  5. Flea & tick preventative:  nobody likes bugs (except maybe entomologists!).  Your pup needs to have their monthly preventative in order to play & stay at Dogtopia.
  6. You will need to attend a Meet & Greet, which is a thorough evaluation of your puppy to see if they would enjoy our open play doggy day care.

With all of the above being necessary before boarding your puppy, it’s no wonder we recommend coming in for a Meet & Greet with your pup early on, BEFORE you have a need for boarding.  Once you’re established as a client of ours, we’re able to get your pup into boarding with ease.

Boarding Your Puppy in Birmingham, MI

Puppies have a seemingly unlimited supply of energy- that is, until they play at Dogtopia! Puppies that stay with us love our open-play doggy day care because they can run with other pups of the same size/

puppy daycare and boarding in Birmingham MI
A full day of play is what puppies crave! Try our doggy day care before puppy boarding to get your little one used to being away from home.

temprament and burn off some of that wild puppy energy. When they play all day, puppies are much better at falling asleep, happy and satisfied, in the evening.  Because your puppy will be sleeping in the same building/area that they stay in for day care, they’ll be much more comfortable and relaxed because they know the environment and people.  When you’re curious about how your puppy is doing at Dogtopia, you can log in to our webcams to check on them!

You’ll be happy to know that you puppy will sleep in a dog crate, just the same as they likely do at home.  Staying in a dog crate makes them feel more ‘at home’ than loud, metal crates like some boarding kennels use, or concrete runs with fencing.  You can bring their bed, blanket, and a toy to make them feel even more comfortable. Our staff will watch over your pup like their own, as you’re a member of the Dogtopia family when you stay with us! To round out the experience, you can bring your pups food to make sure they don’t have any stomach upsets- if you forget, don’t worry, we have food, bedding, and treats available to your pup at no extra cost. We will also accommodate any special dietary needs your pup may have.

See the map below for details.