puppy socialization bloomfield hills mi

Is there anything quite as wonderful as a new puppy? A new puppy means new toys, buying puppy food, getting a collar and leash… as well as training your puppy to become a great dog! Puppy socialization is key to that process, and there are several different ways to socialize your pup, including:

  • Puppy training classes
  • Dog park playtime
  • Introducing them to friends/family
  • Taking them with you to new places around town
  • Doggy day care / puppy day care at Dogtopia!

All of the above have distinct reasons to consider them for your puppy socialization efforts. Training classes for your puppy help you bond, and teach you how to effectively communicate to your new pup. It’s an essential thing to do, both to teach your puppy simple skills like sit, lay, and stay, as well as recall (something crucial to ensure your puppy will come back to you if they slip their lead!). Puppy training classes let your pup see new people and dogs in a controlled environment, which greatly adds to their socialization.

puppy socialization bloomfield hills mi
Look at how much fun puppy socialization can be!

There are several dog parks in the Bloomfield Hills area, and they’re often a top choice for pet parents to take their dogs to get some serious outdoor exercise. Dog parks allow your puppy to run far and wide, all while socializing on the terms of the dog in the park. Sometimes they’re great, sometimes not so much.  For instance, if there’s no other dogs at the park that day… your puppy will get exercise, but no socialization. If the dogs at the park are big or have a different temperament, play time might not be fun. We love the West Bloomfield Dog Park, but encourage puppy parents to consider a more controlled open play enviroment for their pups while they’re still in the learning phase.

I guarantee your family and friends are dying to meet your puppy, and meeting them is a smart move for puppy socialization. Just keep and eye on small children,

puppy socialization puppy day care bloomfield hills mi
Open play puppy day care is great for socialization!

as they might not be used to handling puppies and you don’t want your puppy play biting or scratching.  Plan on visiting family and friends often to socialize your puppy!

New experiences are scary for most puppies, so introduce yours to them slowly.  If you’re the outdoorsy type, your puppy might love going on the Clinton River Trail, or visiting dog friendly places in West Bloomfield. Take it slow, all the new sights and smells are a lot for your puppy to take in!

Doggy day care / puppy day care is our preferred choice for open play socialization.  Dogtopia doggy day care is a great way to get your pup exercised while allowing them to learn about interacting with other dogs on their own terms. Because our staff are trained in dog behavior and body language, you can rest assured that your pup will be safe at all times. For busy pet parents who might need to leave their pup for an extended period of time, we even offer puppy boarding services!

We want to see your cute new puppy!  Reach out to us today to schedule a tour of our Bloomfield Hills facility, and we’ll fill you in on all the requirements and benefits of our doggy day care. Call us at (248) 338-1000 to set up a time to stop by.