dog kennel bloomfield hills mi

It’s right around now that families start planning for the holidays, which usually includes lots of travel and extended visits.  For pet parents, at the top of the list of items to take care of is making arrangements to ensure their furry friend is taken care of during these travel intensive periods.  However, what many might not know is that dog kennels fill up FAST, and booking dog boarding sometimes happens months in advance.  It’s a prudent choice to start thinking about it now, and get your pup accustomed to the dog kennel of your choice to minimize their stress while you’re away.

dog kennel dog daycare bloomfield hills mi
Our dog kennel attendees enjoy our open play dog daycare while staying overnight!

The first thing to consider when booking dog boarding for the holidays is safety.  The dog kennel you pick for boarding should make safety their top priority, no matter what.  That includes ensuring supervision of the dogs, a thorough evaluation of all dogs entering the facility, and a strict policy on vaccinations.  Dogtopia prioritizes all of those, and is happy to not only talk safety to all prospective clients, but SHOW you how we’re leaps and bounds above the rest in terms of safety at our facilities.

Secondly, you should consider your dogs comfort.  Dogs are notorious for getting stressed when separated from their ‘pack’, meaning their family.  An easy solution to this is introducing your dog to Dogtopia dog daycare in Bloomfield Hills, which allows them to get to know our regular clients and staff members so

dog kennel bloomfield hills mi
One of our dog boarding clients relaxing on a doggy cot during a session of open play. We’re not your average dog kennel!

that we effectively become a great big extended family. Our dog daycare is open play, which is wonderful for dogs to get exercise and stimulation throughout the day- compare that to your average dog kennel, which creates frustration by keeping dogs separated by fences and walls, and is often an anxiety-inducing setting of isolation for your pup.  If that sounds awful to you, imagine how your furry friend feels about it!  Because Dogtopia incorporates dog daycare into boarding, the dogs that stay with us are happier and healthier and have a much better experience away from their family.

As far as the actual ‘dog kennel’ experience with us- it’s like being at home!  Dogs that stay with us are crated just like they are at home, and they sleep in the same room they’ve been playing in throughout the day.  You’ll love the comfort of knowing your best furry friend is safe and happy while you’re traveling, no matter for how long.

Thinking about boarding?  Come in for a meet & greet and buy a package of dog daycare sessions to get your pup used to the Dogtopia experience!  Read our reviews on Google and you’ll see that dogs and pet parents alike LOVE Dogtopia of Bloomfield!