adopt shelter dog and take to dog day care bloomfield hills mi

October is such a great month.  Gentle transitions to fall weather, leaves turning colors, cider & donuts, Sweetest Day, Halloween, and now special incentives to get wonderful pups into forever homes! October is Adopt a Shelter Dog month, and we love that groups like Oakland County Animal Control are participating so heavily! There are more dogs in need than ever. Check out the articles here for great information on adopting a dog, a dog adoption checklist, tips for the first thirty days of dog adoption and more! Adopting a shelter dog is a smart move when deciding to add a furry friend into your life, and there’s no shortage of pups waiting for great homes at shelters nearby.

adopt shelter dog and take to dog day care bloomfield hills mi
Sweetest day was a full house at Dogtopia, and if you adopt a shelter dog your pup could be part of the mix!

We are also so excited about The Bissell Empty the Shelter adoption event on October 22nd. All adoptions will be FREE for this one day event. Oakland County AC will have Michigan Pit Bull Education Project on site who will be waiving their normal adoption fees for anyone interested in adopting one of their many rescue-only dogs. For a list of participating shelters visit for more info. With Oakland County Animal Control being so close to our Dogtopia of Bloomfield location, we’re hoping to see many newly adopted dogs at our location!

Shelter dogs deserve a great deal of consideration as an addition to your family.  For one, they’re often past the ‘terrible teething’ stage of puppyhood.  When considering adopting a shelter dog, you should go into it knowing that it’s an investment for a lifetime- your dog could live 10 or more years, and expenses will mount during those later years.  Don’t let that discourage you though!  Adopted dogs are often described as ‘grateful’ to their owners, and give you a lifetime of love in return.

Tips for Making Life Great for Your Adopted Shelter Dog

  • Invest in dog day care in Bloomfield Hills. Our open play dog day care will help your dog gain confidence again and expand their social skills while staying safe under the watchful eyes of our staff.
  • Get them fully vaccinated, and set reminders for vaccinations on your online calendar. Google calendars are a great way to do this.  This is an investment in their health!
  • Play!  Even though dogs love playing with their dog friends at Dogtopia, they’ll also crave interaction with you.  Have fun!
  • Set schedules.  Dogs thrive when you set boundaries and schedules for them. Dogtopia can help throughout the day while they’re at dog day care, but you should also have your own routines for ‘potty breaks’ and feeding at home.
  • Get a vet you love.  Research your vet, read reviews, and go to the one you trust most.  Your vet is your ally in keeping your dog healthy and happy for life.


At Dogtopia, we believe in trying to help those who help dogs, and as such we offer 1 free day of our dog day care for adopted shelter dogs! It’s a great way to try our services and see how your pup likes them. Ready to get started, or thinking of adopting and you’d like more info on Dogtopia beforehand?  Contact us today!