board your dog for fourth of july in bloomfield hills mi

As much as we all may love fireworks, we need to recognize that our dog friends are less enthusiastic about them.  Some dogs are extremely noise sensitive, which makes 4th of July celebrations a nightmare for them.

Most owners can tell if their pup is sensitive to fireworks, but signs to look for include:

  • Pacing
  • Cowering during explosions
  • Climbing onto their owner or pressing up against their owner
  • Constant barking
  • Drooling
  • Hiding

Normally happy & social dogs can become stressed by fireworks, and run the risk of injuring themselves, others, or running away.  Dogs have been known to break free from their homes during 4th of July celebrations, and statistics show that dog shelters see the largest number of intakes on July 5th, the day after our biggest fireworks displays of the year.  It stands to reason you should exercise the utmost caution around the time of year when neighbors and cities are setting off large fireworks.

Some tips to keep your dog calm during fireworks displays, from Victoria Stillwell at Positively:

10 Tips for providing a safe July 4th for your Canine Household:

  • Make sure your dog gets plenty of exercise earlier in the day.
  • Keep your dogs inside during fireworks, preferably with human companionship. If it’s hot, air conditioning will help. Bringing your dogs to a fireworks display is never a good idea.
  • Provide a safe place inside for your dogs to retreat. When scared of sounds they can’t orient, dogs often prefer small enclosed areas. (I once had a dog who climbed in the bathtub during windstorms.) If your dog is comfortable in a crate, that is a good option.
  • If possible, keep the windows and curtains closed. Covering the crate or lowering the blinds can also be helpful. Removing visual stimulation can also help calm dogs.
  • Make sure all your dogs are wearing ID tags with a properly fitting collar. Dogs have been known to become Houdini around the 4th of July.
  • Leave your dog something fun to do – like a frozenKongfilled with his favorite treats.
board your dog for fourth of july in bloomfield hills mi
You might want to board your dog during 4th of July celebrations – it’s safer than leaving them at home while fireworks are going off.

If your home is surrounded by loud fireworks displays, or you & your family are going to be leaving your dog alone during a time when fireworks will be going off, it makes sense to look into dog boarding.  If you’re in Oakland County, our beautiful Bloomfield Hills dog boarding facility is the perfect retreat for your anxious pup.  Our staff is on-hand and carefully monitoring our overnight guests, helping to ensure that your pup is safe and happy.  This month we’ll be opening a location to serve Macomb County, and will welcome our Utica dog boarding clients after they’ve gone through our mandatory dog evaluation.  Our pet parents LOVE the peace of mind that comes with having their dog in a secure location, being watched by trained professionals.  Even better:  you can ‘check in’ on your pup by logging into our private remote-view cameras at your Dogtopia location!  We’re confident that you’ll love boarding your dog with us throughout the summer months & beyond.