My sister’s lucky. Her golden doodle loves to take baths. She also has a separate soaker tub that’s not only big enough to hold her doodle, the sides of the tub are high enough that there’s never a puddle on the floor from splashed water. My sister is also an average height, so she doesn’t have to bend over too far during bath time.

My husband was never that lucky. At 6’2”, he’s not a fan of stooping over the tub. Even when his parents’ miniature schnauzer surrendered to bath time, they both ended up wet and soapy when it was over. It wasn’t a favorite activity for either of them.

For people like my husband – tall people with small tubs and nervous bathers – there’s a new option in town! The self-serve dog wash in Bloomfield Hills is now open! Dogtopia’s dog spa is the perfect alternative.

self-serve dog wash in bloomfield hills mi
Our self-serve dog wash is great for pet parents who don’t want to use their tub at home.

For those of you looking for an easier bath time experience, you’ll love our do-it-yourself shampooing stations. With waist-high tubs, shampoo, and towels, we provide everything you’ll need to give your dog a thorough bath. Or you can leave it to the professionals and our caring, well-trained staff will take care of it for you.

If you really want to pamper your pooch, book a Day Spa Package. Drop your dog off in the morning for some playtime with friends. Then, after naptime, your dog will enjoy a bath – featuring our professional shampoos and conditioners – even a nail trim if you request it. You’ll have a well-exercised and pretty puppy waiting for you when you arrive.

If you’re not as lucky as my sister, don’t let bath time get you down. Dogtopia of Michigan’s new self-serve dog wash in Bloomfield Hills is just what you need to make bath time an experience you can all enjoy!