diy dog wash near me bloomfield hills mi

We recently celebrated our 2 year anniversary of providing the very best doggy day care in the area (March 30th!), and we’re so happy and grateful to everyone for making this dream a reality.  It makes our hearts smile when people mention doggy day care or boarding and immediately think of Dogtopia.  We’ve worked hard to be able to provide you with the very best open-play doggy day care & luxury dog boarding, and every day is still an adventure in taking care of the happiest pups in northern Oakland County.  Thanks to everyone- pet parents and pups alike!

doggy day care bloomfield hills mi
Our 2 year anniversary party in our lobby – off to the left is where our DIY dog wash is located!

We got to thinking about how well we’re known for doggy day care and boarding, and started to think about the many pet parents who aren’t familiar with our other services.  We’re sure most of your have noticed the bath room right next to our lobby (it’d be hard to miss!), but you might think that that’s only for those clients who request to have their pup bathed and ready for them at pickup.  Not true!  We offer a self serve option, our DIY dog wash with our shampoos and using our facility.  If you’ve ever tried to bathe your dog at home, you know exactly why people love having this option.  There’s nothing worse than bathing your dog and then having to clean the entire bathroom because they’ve shaken dog-water everywhere!  At our DIY dog wash, you can wash your dog exactly as you would at home, but we’ll deal with the messy cleanup after.  It’s an incredibly inexpensive way to ensure your pup is squeaky clean, and it isn’t reserved for our doggy day care clients- if you pup is out and about in your yard and rolls in something heinous, take a deep breath, load your smelly pal into the car, and come wash them up at our DIY dog wash.

diy dog wash near me bloomfield hills mi
Our DIY dog wash has huge tubs to accommodate your pup, no matter what their size

As an added bonus:  if you’re one of those pet parents who has a bad back and has dreaded leaning over a tub to clean your pup, no fear here!  Our tubs are people height- no leaning over required!  You, your back doctor, and your chiropractor will all love us.

Also, no need for a reservation, though you might want to call ahead first – near the end of the day it can be busy with all the pet parents getting their dogs spiffed up before they head home!