dog kennel near me bloomfield hills mi

So, you have a big summer vacation coming up – how exciting!  If you’re not going somewhere dog friendly, or if you simply don’t want to make the trip with your dog in tow, it’s time to start thinking about where they’ll stay while you’re away.  Dog kennel services book up nationwide around summer and anytime near a holiday.

Your dog is in luck if they come to Dogtopia! At Dogtopia, summer days are fun!  Our dog guests get to play outside in our protected, private outdoor dog park, allowing them room to run and romp on artificial turf.  No worries about ticks or other creepy crawlies here!  Our antimicrobial astroturf if soft on paws and hard on the nasty things that could stick to your pups precious paws.  They get all the fun of playing outside with the safety of being indoors!

Your dog will love being able to play with their dog friends inside in our huge playrooms.  Our air-conditioning is set at the perfect temperature to allow for consistent play and exercise without getting too cold for little dogs and those with short fur.  When the temperatures rise in Michigan, it’s usually paired with oppressive humidity, which is a disastrous combination for short nosed breeds like bulldogs.  The good news is that because we live & love dogs, we know exactly what to do to ensure the safety and happiness of your pup while they stay at our world class dog kennel.

That’s the beauty of Dogtopia.  We strive not to be cookie-cutter.  We really get to know our pet parents and doggy clients, and that means that we know what will make them HAPPY.  Dogs at Dogtopia love coming here because they get to see their dog friends and they KNOW they’re going to have a good time, because we cater to them.  Your dogs well-being and happiness is out top concern.

dog kennel near me bloomfield hills mi
Some of our Memorial Day weekend dog kennel boarding guests!

Pet parents love bringing their dogs here because they know that we pride ourselves on being the safest, most professionally run doggy day care and dog boarding service in the area.  Pet parents who take a tour usually first remark on how clean it is, and then secondly remark on our safety protocol.  Some doggy day care and dog kennels allow their dogs to run wild, which can jeopardize the safety of all the dogs in the room.  At Dogtopia we promote respectful, appropriate play – the kind of play ALL dogs enjoy. Our staff is trained to watch over the dogs carefully, looking for body language cues that would indicate a dog needs a ‘time out’, either for their own safety or the safety of others.  This is rare, because we take great caution to assess dogs before allowing them into doggy day care, and place them in groups with similar play styles and energy levels.  Your cute little papillon most likely doesn’t want to play with a rambunctious, heavy American bulldog puppy- and they shouldn’t have to.  You can rest assured that we will take every precaution to ensure your dog is happy and safe while playing & staying at Dogtopia.

If you’re planning a summer vacation, now is the time to contact us to ensure that we have room for your dog at our dog boarding.  Book early!  Pet parents reserve their spot months ahead because they so enjoy going out of town carefree, knowing their dog is safe and happy.  Your dog will get to play and exercise while you’re away, and might even get to have a pool party or two! If you haven’t stopped in for a visit or tour, we encourage you to do so as soon as possible so you can see the difference Dogtopia will make in your (and your dogs) life.