best dog day care near me

From the day that you bring your pup home, you begin building a bond that lasts a lifetime.  That’s why so many pet parents will quickly tell you that their dog is family, no bones about it. Pet parents are getting more involved in decision making for their pets, picking higher quality food, safer toys, and weighing the risks of medication.  So why would you simply pick the closest of cheapest dog day care and dog boarding kennel for your pup?

Short answer, you wouldn’t.  But sometimes it can be hard to tell if a facility is trustworthy or not.

Finding the Best Dog Day Care Near You

In your quest to find the best dog day care, there are several things you can look for.  Below are some things to keep top of mind:

  • Is the dog day care clean? Does it smell clean?  Does it smell “fresh”? Moreover, you shouldn’t be able to smell strong chemical smells, nor strong dog smells. Both are indicative of poor air quality and cleaning.
  • Are the dogs separated by size and temperament?  Especially for those with small dogs, ask this question and ask how they judge size and behavior.  Don’t let your pup be endangered by a badly run facility!
  • Do they have safety protocols in place?  Can they review them with you?  Make sure you know how they handle worst case scenarios.

Other Points to Judge Your Dog Day Care On

Does the dog day care make you feel warm and invited?  Do they seem to truly care about the dogs that come in?  If you feel like you’re just a number to them, leave.  Your dog isn’t just a number, they’re an important

best dog day care near me
Boxer rainbow! These pups like to play together at dog day care because they are the same size and temperament.

part of your family and should be treated as such.

Take time talking to staff.  Ask them about their favorite part of their job, and why they enjoy working with dogs. Our team at Dogtopia of Bloomfield LOVE dogs and it shows!

Read the reviews.  If there’s a bad one, it doesn’t mean that the place is bad- but if there’s a trend, watch out!  Look for reviews that talk about safety concerns, like injuries and illness.  If the overwhelming tone of reviews is happy and satisfied, you’re likely going to the right place.

Does the dog day care have webcam access for pet parents to check in on their pups?  If so, spend some time looking at them before bringing your pup in for a tour.  It’ll give you an idea of how their day goes.  (note: many dog day cares turn off the web cams for ‘quiet time’ when the dogs are resting after lunch)

Final Thoughts on Picking a Dog Day Care

dogs are family dog day care near me
Dogs are family, and you want the best dog day care for them.
There are so many options out there for dogs that it can seem daunting to pick just one dog day care.  But don’t become paralyzed by indecision!  By considering the above, you can quickly assess most dog day cares and get your dog started playing in no time!  As always, contact us if you have any questions, or if you’d like to schedule a tour to see the Dogtopia difference.