mini golden doodle loves doggie day care

Most dogs do well at doggie day care, but some really thrive! Some dogs are initially nervous, but with the right attitude they can transform into a more social, outgoing, happy pup at Dogtopia!

Take a look at this awesome video of one of our new doggie day care pups. From a shy, nervous pupper to an outgoing, bubble-popping social butterfly in 2 hours! What a transformation!


Really, you have to think about your dog and their personality to assess if they’d like doggie day care.  When in doubt, bring your dog in for an evaluation with one of our Canine Coaches- we’ll see what their play style is and how comfortable they are with other dogs and people and make a recommendation based on that.  Some dogs do incredibly well once they’re away from their owners.  For instance, if you as a pet parent are nervous about your dog and how they might behave around other dogs, your dog might sense it and be more “on edge”.  If your dog has been seemingly aggressive toward other dogs on walks, they might have leash reactivity/aggression, which doesn’t necessarily mean they won’t do well at doggie day care.  Some pet parents worry about senior dogs coming in to doggie day care, thinking their old pup might not like it- and more often than not they’re AMAZED by how their senior pup transforms into a playing, happy dog again when they’re able to romp around with other dogs.  It all depends on your dog and how well they fit within our Dogtopia model of day care.


Dogs who aren’t a good fit for Dogtopia:

-Dogs who are aggressive or fearful with strangers

-Dogs who have never been socialized

-Dogs who are unvaccinated

-Dogs who haven’t been spayed/neutered

-Dogs who have a history of biting people or other dogs

mini golden doodle loves doggie day care
Pepper the mini golden doodle loved her day at doggie day care!
Our number one commitment is to the safety and happiness of our clients, so there might be times that your pup is turned away from doggie day care.  Please don’t look at it as a failure!  Some dogs, especially those who have recently been rescued, are better off decompressing and working on socialization out of the overwhelming atmosphere of open-play doggie day care.  Those same dogs can always come back for re-evaluation at a later time, and often they pass and are allowed into Dogtopia!  There’s nothing wrong with your dog if they aren’t allowed into Dogtopia upon their evaluation.  They might just need time and a different setup for socialization and training in order to feel comfortable in our facility.