dog boarding facilities bloomfield hills mi

Making the choice to leave your dog at a boarding facility can be stressful, for both you and your dog.  Dog boarding facilities range widely in accommodations and attention to detail, which is why it’s important for pet parents to research the facility before bringing their pup to stay overnight or long-term.

Things to consider when choosing a dog boarding facility:

  1. Are you able to tour the facility and see where your dog will be staying?  It’s important to pick a dog boarding facility that’s clean and well-managed.  Talk to the manager and staff, assessing if they are friendly and knowledgeable, before committing your dog to a stay there.
  2. Ask how your dog will be exercised.  An open-play environment is considered the best choice for dog exercise, as it’s stimulating both mentally and physically for your pooch.  Some dog boarding facilities leave your dog alone in their own separate kennel run, others may elect to take your dog for a walk.  Both of those options are less than ideal, since it limits the social interaction of your dog.
  3. Ask how dogs will be supervised during exercise. You should only select an open-play environment for your dogs when it’s coupled with physically present staff.  Some facilities leave dogs unsupervised, which is dangerous and leaves open the possibility of a fights and stress.
  4. Make sure you can bring comforting items to leave with your dog, such as a blanket or special toy.  Bringing items from home makes the stay less stressful for anxious pups who might not be used to dog boarding.
  5. Ask if big & little dogs co-mingle.  Dogs should play in groups according to their size and temperament to prevent injury.  Be sure to pick a facility that focuses on the temperament of your dog first and, secondarily, takes care to keep toy breeds and large breeds separate!
  6. Consider boarding your dog at the same location you use for daycare.  If your dog is already a regular at doggie daycare, your pet will be much more comfortable staying overnight at the same facility.

dog boarding facilities bloomfield hills mi
Our dog boarding facilities are the best, and you can tell by the happy smiles on our pups faces!
If you’re in Bloomfield Hills, there’s no better choice for dog boarding than our Dogtopia of Bloomfield location. We pride ourselves on maintaining a carefully controlled open-play environment for our dog boarding guests, with staff ever-present to keep a watchful eye on the dogs.  Our dog guests love that their day starts with an early breakfast followed by a day full of playing with their doggie friends; our pet parents love that our individual care and attention, the clean and luxurious accommodations, and our passion for providing the best experience for you and your dogs.  We encourage pet parents to bring items from home to leave with their dog during their overnight stay, as well as any special food their pup normally eats.  Best of all? Our doggie daycare clients find that their dogs are incredibly comfortable with staying overnight for dog boarding because they’re familiar with the settings, staff, and their dog friends.

Looking for the best dog boarding in Michigan?  Schedule a tour at our Dogtopia of Bloomfield location- we’re confident you’ll love what you see!