With winter behind us and temperatures screaming toward summer heat, it’s important to remember that our furry family members are much more susceptible to hot weather than we are.

Hot Weather Concerns for Dogs

Hot weather is hard on us all, but especially on our pups.  Short nosed breeds like pugs, bulldogs, frenchies, etc are very much prone to overheating- their short, cute little faces make it harder to stay cool and breathe right.With any dog, pet parents should look for signs of heat stroke in hot weather.  Signs include: discolored gums, excess panting, and mobility problems (think staggering and sluggishness).  Taking your dog for their normal walk might even be too much, since asphalt and concrete can bake and reach dangerous temperatures in the sun.

Dog Day Care is Best for Hot Weather

Dog day care at Dogtopia is the best choice for hot sunny days for a few reasons.

  • Your dog gets to exercise and play in temperature controlled, cooler buildings.
  • Your dog will have supervised outside time with other dogs on a limited basis, with our team constantly checking for signs of distress due to heat.
  • Your dog won’t burns their sweet little paws on hot concrete or asphalt on walks, because their exercise will be indoors and outdoors in our play area.
  • Your dog will stay hydrated and will have access to shaded areas when outside

Overall, dog day care is the best choice here.  Never leave your dog unattended outside in hot weather, and never assume that heat stroke can’t happen to your pup.  When temperatures rise, it’s better to be safe than sorry.