take your dog to work 2016 doggie day care bloomfield mi

Hooray for Friday! But, more specifically, hooray for this Friday, which is Take Your Dog to Work Day. Created in 1999 by Pet Sitters International, the purpose of the day is to celebrate the joy of dog companionship, the benefits therein, and encourage dog adoptions. It’s celebrated every year the Friday following Father’s Day, which makes it one of the easier small holidays to track. Business are coming out in support, like corporate pet retailer Pet Supplies Plus, headquartered here in Michigan. They’re actively encouraging employees to bring their pups in this Friday and EVERY Friday, in their “Furrr-idays” employee perks.

But not everyone is excited to see dogs at work. In a 2013 column, a Slate writer described his experience with dogs at his workplace, which was as negative as you can imagine given the title of the piece, “No, I Do Not Want to Pet Your Dog“. He writes:

More Americans seek medical attention for dog bites than for choking or falls. You’re more likely to have to go to a doctor for a bite than to call the fire department for a home fire. Like it or not, American dog owner, your pet is a hazard.

But let’s leave aside the possibility that I’m scared (maybe legitimately!) of your dog, since you’ve assured me your dog loves people, and there’s no chance you could be wrong. What if I’m allergic? Or what if I just plain hate your dog? What if I think he’s dirty, since after all he did just put his nose in another dog’s butt? And what if I just want to go through my workday without being slobbered on by an animal?

take your dog to work 2016 doggie day care bloomfield mi
Should you go to doggie day care or work- in the case of this pup, they’re doing both!
As a dog owner, it’s sometimes hard to fathom that someone might not look with adoring eyes on your pup.  There are some folks who even have a verifiable phobia of dogs, called cynophobia.  Add in the issues of people who are allergic to pet dander and the fact that some workplaces are inappropriate for pets (imagine a hyper puppy in a surgical suite!), and it’s much easier to understand why the risks of having a dog at the workplace sometimes outweigh the benefits.

Doggie day care at Dogtopia is a win-win for those who wish they could take their pup to work with them. Your dog will be surrounded by people who LOVE dogs, and your pup will love having the ability to socialize, run, and play all day.  Compare that to Fido coming to the office with you, where he can’t socialize, run, exercise, enjoy a safe outdoor courtyard, and be certain that he’s being supervised all day, all the time. You won’t have to worry about your pup getting into mischief when they’re at Dogtopia, and you can check in on them when your schedule allows by accessing our webcams. Additionally, our busy pet parents love our curbside service and late pickup times!

Not convinced? You will be after you take a tour of our amazing doggie day care facility in Bloomfield Hills! Our doggie day care is always safe, always fun, and always a treat for you and your pup! Call us today at 248-338-1000 or stop by to check us out!