Any local in Boise, Idaho knows that there seems to be more dogs than there are people. Idaho in fact has the highest percentage of households owning at least one dog at 58.3%. It is no surprise that this dog loving community and the beer scene have come together to make a handful of dog-friendly breweries across The Treasure Valley. Today, we will be taking you through some of our favorite dog-friendly breweries so you enjoy a cold brew while your furry companion can frolic by your side.  

Payette Brewing Company 

Debatably the most dog-friendly brewery and the most family-friendly too. Nestled near the Greenbelt and off River Street, this well-known brewery offers a vast selection of brews, from a large selection of IPAs to smooth stouts. With a spacious beer garden that offers live music, water bowls for your dogs, and even delicious food provided by Queens food truck. Payette Brewing was the home for our first partnered dog training, “Pups and Pints”. Pups and Pints wouldn’t have been such a success if it wasn’t for Payette Brewing’s dog-friendly beer garden and atmosphere. Overall, Payette Brewing is a great place t kick back with friends, family, and of course your canine companion.  

Barbarian Brewing Company 

Located right across the street from our Garden City location, sits one of our favorite breweries in our Greenbelt community. Barbarian Brewing offers a unique and cozy atmosphere for beer lovers and their four-legged friends. This brewery is a favorite among Idaho’s craft beer community due to their wide selection of small-batch brews and experimental brewing choices like asking, “If a donut and a stout had a baby”, what would that taste like? Additionally, they have their main location off Chinden Blvd in Garden City and a second location in Downtown Boise that also offers a dog-friendly atmosphere. With ample outdoors seating, Barbarian Brewing is the perfect place to relax with your dog all while sipping on one of their many delectable beers.  

Western Collective 

Of course, we had to include Western Collective on this list. They are located right next to our Garden City location as one of our neighbors. With a beautiful taproom and beer garden, they allow you to bring your pup in so you can enjoy a crisp beer with your canine companion. Western Collective’s selection of IPA’s, seltzers, and new line of cocktails make them one of the best summer spots in the Treasure Valley. Recently, we had the opportunity to partner with Western Collective to host our first ever “Dogtoberfest”. They were able to offer a selection of cold drinks to our pet parents and amplify the Dogtoberfest experience.  

Boise Brewing 

One of Boise’s top breweries located in Downtown, lies Boise Brewing. Their dog-friendly patio is a popular spot for pet owners to enjoy quality time with their companions while tasting some of the city’s finest craft beers. Boise Brewing’s most well-known beer being Boise Light of course. Their commitment to sustainable brewing practices and community involvement makes it a special place for beer lovers and of course, your furry friend. 

Mother Earth Brewing Co 

Last but certainly not least, Mother Earth Brewing Co. Located in Downtown Boise and not too far from Boise Brewing, sit the king of brewing cream ales. Though Mother Earth is known for making a delicious vanilla cream ale, they also are very dog friendly. Every Saturday they host “Yappy Hour” and give a dollar off beer from noon to 4pm if you bring your dog along with you to enjoy a drink. Their award-winning craft beer and dog-friendly environment makes for a perfect spot to catch a beer with your dog.