The Dogtopia Foundation Canada is our purpose beyond profit. It allows us to individually and collectively support causes we value and enables dogs to positively change our world. The Dogtopia Foundation Canada supports programs focused on three worthy causes: Service Dogs for Veterans and First Responders, Youth Literacy Programs and Employment Initiatives for Adults with Autism. Together, our support provides the opportunity to elevate our communities and significantly impact the causes we champion.

Through our Service Dogs for Veterans and First Responders cause, we support programs that positively impact the lives of  military service members, Veterans and First Responders. Dogtopia of Brampton is proud to fundraise to helps sponsor service dogs in training for military Veterans and First Responders with physical and emotional challenges. 100% of the donations received are giving to the organizations we support.

Meet Our Sponsored Service Dog Bruno FROM PADS

Bruno is our newest sponsored puppy!

We will continue to share updates on Bruno provided by PADS staff and the volunteer puppy raiser who is caring for him. We will learn about Bruno’s progress as he takes on new tasks and gains experience on her outings.

Meet Our Sponsored Service Dog Watson FROM NSD

Watson is currently with his adult raiser. He will continue to work hard on generalizing his cues and house manners in a new environment, with a new handler. This stage of training is to prepare them for University.


Do you want to donate to support our Noble Cause? Click here to donate online or make a donation during your next visit to Dogtopia of Brampton.

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