In recognition of the Toronto International Film Festival we put together a list of dog movies we are watching!

Best in Show (2000)
This mockumentary style film will have you in stitches as you follow an eccentric and eclectic group of people as they primp and prime themselves and their pups for the nation’s most prestigious dog show. This movie will have you laughing at not only the characters on the screen, but thinking of the ones they remind you of off screen as well!

Turner & Hooch (1989)
In most cop movies the partners are human, but in this one Hooch happens to be a rather large, rather sloppy Dogue de Bordeaux. And while Turner may be a neat freak who can’t stand the inconveniences, mess and chaos that can come with having a dog as a partner the relationship and the partnership are well worth the sacrifices. This flick may not have earned critical success, but it has earned a cult following.

My Dog Skip (2000)
This movie has a plot filled with comedy, drama and historical significance. And of course as Canadians, we love that it has Kevin Bacon in it! But the two Jack Russell’s really steal the show. An special cinematic journey awaits!

Homeward Bound (1993)
When their family makes a trip to San Francisco without them Chase, Shadow and Sassy think they have been abandoned! They set off in search of their family and find an adventure they never imagined. This is a classic from childhood for many and is still a great watch.

Beethoven (1992)
Who doesn’t remember when Beethoven came rocking out of retirement in the form of a lovable St Bernard! Did you know there ended up being 7 Beethoven movies in total?! A very successful franchise, and what is there not to love. Families dealing with growing up, business, pets and a little scandal for good measure. But all worries wash away when you have Beethoven for play.