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It's all about my quality time with BFFFs.  You know - socializing, playing and being a smarty pants...sans the pants.

Our dogs are furry family members who mean the world to us and deserve the best quality care. They deserve to keep their mind and body active, which is exactly what we offer in daycare at Dogtopia of East Pasadena.

Our brand-new, state-of-the-art facility offers a space for dogs to meet new BFFFs (Best Furry Friends Forever) and develop socialization skills, which translates into better interactions outside daycare. With our fun exercises, socialization activities and pup education, pups can practice their agility skills, boost their cardio, keep their minds sharp, and improve their overall wellbeing as they spend eight to ten hours playing, climbing equipment, racing, and moving all day long.

Our daycare dogs get around 30,000 steps in a day, while most dogs at home average 4,000 steps – a significant health benefit that your dog can enjoy without realizing they are doing so because of all the fun they are having!

At the end of a daycare day, pups are tired and snuggly when they come home – a wonderous phenomenon we call the Dogtopia Daze, which many pet parents greatly appreciate. As they are snoring away, you can feel confident that they burned off their pent-up energy in a way that enhanced their overall health.

In addition to our focus on doggie wellness, we want Dogtopia of East Pasadena to be an experience they won’t forget, which is why our daycare pups participate in the themed parties and photoshoots throughout the year. Our dogs enjoy seasonal parties, doggy prom, glow parties, flavored bubble parties, games and races, and arts and crafts activities. They get dressed up for adorable, themed photos that you will love to share.

We offer half- and full-day daycare options, or pet parents can select one of our wellness plans to enjoy more consistency on a weekly basis. Our plans are highly regarded by pet parents, as it allows them to develop a daycare routine, which both dogs and parents benefit from. The more socialization, exercise, play, and learning pups can receive, the more it shapes them into better canine citizens.


Not home for the day? Rather than leaving your pup by themself, bring them to Dogtopia of East Pasadena, where they can enjoy The Most Exciting Day ever! Dogs are pack animals, and it is in their nature to want to be around other dogs. They love to meet and play with others and develop friendships! We provide an off-leash, open-play environment that gives dogs total freedom to explore and interact with other pups while satisfying that natural inclination to be in a pack.

Our modern, newly built facility has three spacious indoor, climate-controlled playrooms for pups to enjoy. To ensure they feel comfortable enough to be their best doggie selves, we separate our daycare dogs based on their size, temperament, and playstyle. Our Toy Box is ideal for smaller pups, bigger and more mature dogs can enjoy our Gym, and dogs with high energy levels can relish in our Romper Room. We have found that having like-minded furry friends together enhances their overall experience with us, allowing for greater freedom to explore and play safely.

All of our playrooms are indoors, making them the ideal place to stay on days that are too hot for outdoor play. We have 100% outside air circulating through each playroom every 20 minutes, which is controlled for climate and humidity, maintaining the perfect temperature to play.

Dogs can differentiate indoors versus outdoors by texture and smell, but when in our custom-designed playrooms, they think they are outside! Because the new scents they experience at daycare significantly differ from scents at home, house training is not at all impacted. In fact, after two decades of experience, Dogtopia can say with the utmost confidence that playing at our daycare does not translate into potty accidents at home.

safety and supervision at Dogtopia of East Pasadena

To officially become a member of our Dogtopia family and enjoy all of the benefits that daycare offers, all dogs that enter our facility must pass our Meet & Greet evaluation. For approximately 20 to 30 minutes, our trained evaluator will determine if our off-leash, open-play environment is a good fit for your pup, as we want to ensure everyone enjoys their time with us.

We will also use this time to answer any questions that you may have about our facility and show you around, as we want to make sure that you feel as comfortable as your pup does at Dogtopia of East Pasadena.

During our evaluation, we will see how your dog responds to our team’s touch/interaction, their comfort level in our home-style crates, which they will stay in during naptime or if they are also boarding with us, and how they engage with other dogs in a controlled mini-play space. We will also check that their vaccinations are updated (i.e., Rabies, DHPP, and Bordetella), that puppies are at least 12 weeks old, and that dogs that are seven months and older are spayed/neutered.

Thanks to this screening, our playrooms are safer than a dog park or public area that is not supervised. Pet parents can find comfort in knowing that the furry friends their dog spends the day with have been evaluated by trained professionals.

Speaking of trained professionals, our playrooms are supervised by our expert Canine Coaches, who are skilled in pack behavior and dog body language thanks to rigorous training designed by a Canine Behaviorist. Each of our Canine Coaches must also complete a four-part training process that has been approved by the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants and the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers.

Our Canine Coaches are fun starters: they organize engaging brain games, agility courses, photoshoots, and physical activities. Your pup will love what they have planned, like our frequent peanut butter or bacon-flavored bubble parties.

Thanks to their knowledge of handling large groups of dogs, our Coaches can recognize anytime a dog may need to take a break and can swiftly respond to any situation that may arise. They also provide basic dog training where daycare dogs learn simple commands, get comfortable with a crate (which we refer to as “house”), and learn proper behavior around people and other dogs.

Since our expert team spends a significant amount of time with your dog, we can capture many fun moments on camera and video. Check out our Weekly Wrap-Up emails for a summary of what when on during the week. These Wrap-Ups include recap videos, which can also be seen on our YouTube and TikTok accounts, showing highlights of the week’s activities. Pet parents can also sign up for our Pet Parent Check-In, where parents meet with a manager to receive more detailed information about their dog’s temperament, as well as advice on implementing our training.

Dogtopia has commitments to safety, which Dogtopia of East Pasadena follows closely. They include:

  • Canine Coaches that have the training required to manage all breeds
  • Home-style crates for naps and overnight stays
  • Brain games designed for mental stimulation
  • A passion for providing pet parents and their pups with the best possible service
  • A charitable cause through the Dogtopia Foundation that enables dogs to give back
  • A universal vow to treat your dog like a member of the family


Keeping dogs safe and healthy is a top priority at Dogtopia, which is why each detail in our playrooms is designed with pups in mind. For example, our compressed rubberized floors aid in hip, joint, and paw health, while the full walls that separate each playroom help prevent and contain any airborne viruses that dogs may be susceptible to. We also have soundproofing, which eliminates distractions and helps us make sure like-minded pups are paying attention to each other rather than the dogs next door.

Playroom surfaces, including the floors and equipment, are disinfected multiple times a day with pet-safe cleaning products, and our cleaning protocols are backed by Dogtopia’s Environmental Biologist and Veterinary Scientist, which helps ensure our playrooms are a safe space to play in. We also have a UV-filtered HVAC system equipped in each playroom to keep bacteria at bay, while also keeping fresh air circulating at all times.


When your pup arrives at Dogtopia of East Pasadena for a day at daycare, they can immediately join the fun with other dogs in their supervised off-leash, open-play playroom. This is where they can burn off all that morning energy and enjoy the exercise, learning, and socialization at their disposal.

When noon rolls around, we hit the brakes on playtime as the dogs take a well-deserved nap in our home-style crates in the same playroom they have just been in. We also use this time for pups to enjoy some lunch and will administer any medications as outlined by the pet parent. Many pet parents opt for our gourmet dog meals, as our kitchen offers chicken and salmon bowls, warm chicken broth and chicken broth ice cubes. We also have sides like veggies and pup-a-ronis, and a frozen peanut butter Kong for dessert. Our special treats throughout the month include meatballs, bacon, and turkey tacos.

Around 2:00 p.m., our daycare dogs are back at it with their batteries recharged and ready to play and engage again with their furry friend group. Because our team cleans each playroom before lunch is over, our dogs enjoy a fresh space to play until pickup.

During the day, many pet parents opt for a spa service for their pup, which can range from required services like anal gland expressions or nail trimming, or a more relaxing treatment like a bath time facial.


Even if it is only for the day, being away from your furry family member is not easy. That is why we have equipped webcams in each playroom so that pet parents can virtually join in on all the tail-wagging fun. During play hours, you can watch your pup playing with friends and engaging in fun exercises and games, all from your laptop or phone via our website or free mobile app.


The team at Dogtopia of East Pasadena is excited to get to know you and your pup, as we proudly welcome pet parents from Arcadia, La Canada, South Pasadena, Sierra Madre, Monrovia, San Marino, Burbank, Glendale, Studio City and Los Angeles. We can’t wait for you both to experience all our daycare has to offer!

We are located at 3410 E Foothill Boulevard, Pasadena, California, just east of Madre Street, and are across the street from Starbucks and El Torito. We have a parking lot in front of our store that is accessible from Halstead Street.

We are located on Foothill Boulevard, across the street south of Best Buy, Ross, Party City, and Dick’s Sporting Goods, and east of Kaiser Hospital, Target and Home Depot, making Dogtopia of East Pasadena the ideal spot to drop your dog off for the day to enjoy daycare while you are shopping or running errands. We are also a short drive away from fun attractions like Old Town Pasadena, the Rose Bowl, the Huntington Library, and more! Spend some time in the city, while your pup has an exciting day of their own.

As active community members, we have relationships with the Pasadena Chamber of Commerce and the Pasadena Pets Hospital that we greatly value.


Want to learn more about doggie daycare or our other services at Dogtopia of East Pasadena? Our knowledgeable team is here to answer your questions at 626-778-0008. You can also complete our online inquiry form if you prefer a member of our team reach out to you, and you can also access our Meet & Greet form online to request an evaluation for your dog.

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