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50 Senn Drive, Chester Springs, Pennsylvania 19425

4.8 Star Rating - 178 reviews

The staff was great! Friendly and accommodating!

Take dogs outdoor more

Friendly people, very clean. Lily seems to like going to play with her new friends.

I know you are very busy with many clients, but i would have liked a little more personal feedback on how he was on his first couple of days. Just as a new client, so i know he’s adjusting ok. Overall, I was really impressed with the facility & the people. The app is super easy, too. I would definitely recommend.

Get rid of the new daycare plan. It is designed for Dogtopia to have guaranteed number of dogs for profit. It does not allow for flexibility.
Dogs age and their energy levels drop so staying with a weekly schedule may not be to their benefit. It’s a shame this new program seems to benefit Dogtopia and not their clients.

Thank you for taking your time with Charlie Brown…to ease him in to comfort with you and the dogs.

He was indeed tired when he came home.

I am looking forward to having him spend some playtime with you in the near future.

Bunny Sitkoff

Professional. Good Communicators. Caring. Keep it clean and sanitized.

I got a text that my vaccine was not updated but it was. Also if you think something isn’t updated you need to tell person before they drop off not after. Call do not text. I didn’t see text as I was busy getting a party ready that’s why the dog went there in the first place.

The quality of care provided to our pets.

Flexible, responsive.

Dogtopia of Chester Springs

Since March of 2015, the family-run Dogtopia of Chester Springs has provided dog parents with a one-stop destination for dog boarding, daycare, spa services, and training.

Our daycare and boarding services are provided by a team of highly trained professionals who are dedicated to making sure that your dog has a safe and fun experience when they stay with us, whether it’s for a few hours at daycare or overnight.

We proudly serve dog parents in Chester Springs, Downingtown, Exton, Glenmore and the surrounding regions. We are also close to Eagleview, Byers Station and Marsh Creek State Park. There is plenty of parking available at our facility as well!

We are the proud recipient over 200 perfect reviews on Facebook, Google+ and Yelp.  We enjoy unparalleled loyalty from our customers, both two-legged and four-legged!

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