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Creativity, personalized care, cleanliness, willingness to accommodate

Great staff!

The staff treat my dog as their own. They’re all so very friendly and treat me like family as well.

Great staff. Very accommodating.

I think you guys should really add in toys or more interactive things for the dogs. Every time I look at the Webcam my dog is just following a human or walking around n around doing nothing. Definitely need to exercise them more.
Also wish there was an outdoor area for the doggies

An establishment that provides excellent customer service and attention to detail that has create a positive and enjoyable experience for both the my dog and myself. Customers feel valued and appreciated. It’s commendable when businesses go above and beyond to provide exceptional service, making a lasting impression on their clientele.

Staff in tentative and polite

Winnie has been going to daycare at Dogtopia for about a year. We both love it!! She, of course, loves to get down with her buds (doggos and coaches) but I love the amazing group of young people, coaches and staff, who are ALWAYS glad to see BOTH of us! I love their professionalism, their concern about what’s going on with parent and pooch, the fact that they have 100 pats for every pooch and 100 more after that….no one gets left out. I love that they’re with the doggies and watching all the time. Obviously, I love the Webcam a little too much but it’s so entertaining! The rooms are very clean thanks to the coaches’ hard work, quick “pick-ups” and attention to detail during the day and the total cleaning as things draw to a close. Dogtopia gets an A++++++ in our book!

The people are wonderful and they take such good care of my dog as she is older

I love all the fun activities and how much you all love Bean!

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