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The process is organized and simple. Great people working there!

Very friendly and helpful. Had a minor problem and they jumped on the correction. I Have a high anxiety senior and they are understanding. Hope for her to get a friend or two and socialize.

The people at Dogtopia of Orlando are very friendly & professional.

Great staff

Moana and me love dogtopia

Friendly staff, clean, and the fact we can watch our pup on the webcam

Customer service WAS EVERYTHING! I was able to watch my Chico and the staff was PHENOMENAL!

My energetic Goldendoddle loves Dogtopia. She is able to play with dogs her size in a supervised controlled area. The nap time between 12-2 is great for her to wind down for a bit before having a snack. She comes home happy and tired which is a plus for her and the family.

Very friendly and professional !! We will come back for sure during our next visit to Orlando

Dogtopia was very accommodative and informative about all of our questions! They did well with our puppy and we look forward to using them again in the near future. My only issue was we were told our dog would be groomed at 5:30 and instead she was groomed at 2. So when we checked the cameras at 2PM (after nap time) she was no where to be seen, and that scared us. We called immediately and they informed us she was in the spa. So all was well. The groomer/trainers said she did beautifully and it seemed like even when other dogs got a bit too much they made it work with our pup and we loved that! It’s a great place and we will recommend it to others for sure!

Dogtopia of Downtown Orlando

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