Elsmere Pricing

Dog Daycare


5 Day Pass - Full Day $28/day ($140/pass)
10 Day Pass - Full Day $27/day ($270/pass)
20 Day Pass - Full Day $26/day ($520/pass)
30 Day Pass - Full Day $25/day ($750/pass)
Monthly Unlimited $465/pass

(Mon-Fri only)

Daycare Services

Meet & Greet $15
Single Day $30
Half Day $17

Dog Boarding

Standard Overnight +$20/night

Note: all overnight boarding costs are in addition to a day of daycare.

Spa Services

Spa Bath Starts at $25
Nail Trim $15
Nail Dremel $20
Teeth Brushing $7
Ear Cleaning $5
De-shedding Starts at $20

Contact us for more information or to make your appointment.

Dog Grooming

Full Grooming Services Start at $55

Price determined by breed, size and condition of the coat. Please contact us to find out more.

Anal Gland Expression $10