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Home sweet home away from home where I can have my own blanket and doggie personal space.


We do boarding differently at Dogtopia of Fishkill. Rather than using crates for the majority of the day like some other boarding facilities in the area, we offer our boarding pups 10 hours of open play during the day with our daycare dogs, plus additional playtime before bed. The only time your pup will be in their home-style crate is during naptime (12 to 2 pm) because it offers them some “me” time and a much-needed break from play, and during their overnight stay. Crate time also gives us a chance to thoroughly clean each playroom, so it is ready for playtime as soon as the pups wake up. We strive to make every dog in our care feel as comfortable as possible, even when you can’t be with them.

We ask that all pet parents arrive with their dog before 3 pm on the day they have booked their boarding stay. You may also drop them off as early as we open if that’s better for your schedule.


Think of your pup’s stay at Dogtopia of Fishkill like a staycation. Our boarding guests get to enjoy fun-filled days of play and exercise in our modern, open-play daycare rooms, and after hours of fun and socialization with their new BFFFs (Best Furry Friends Forever), they can rest soundly in a place they’ve grown comfortable in. We offer both standard boarding, as well as suite options if your dog requires more space or wants to sleep with a sibling.

While other facilities won’t let you bring items with your pup, we encourage pet parents to bring your dog’s bedding, food and whatever else makes them feel at home. We follow a detailed food and medication template that each pet parent reviews before dropping their pup off to ensure your pet is getting exactly what they need during their stay.

To maximize your pup’s comfort level with our location, we recommend bringing them by beforehand for daycare to familiarize them with our space. Similar to how we humans want to look at pictures of the hotel we’re going to before we visit, this is the same kind of process for your dog. To achieve this, we require the dog to come in to daycare for three days prior to their boarding stay. This allows your dog to get familiar with our playrooms, other furry friends, our certified Canine Coaches, and most importantly, it lets them know that this is just a temporary place to stay and that you will always come back to pick them up.


We understand it can be difficult to leave your pup overnight, that’s why we have live webcams equipped in every playroom of our facility. When the separation feels too much, tune into our private webcams that you can access through our website or mobile app. This allows you to peek in on them during playtime from wherever you may be.


When picking a dog boarding facility, it is important to think about how your selection is going to impact your pup. Safety is a top concern for all pet parents, and you should only select a brand that has a strong record of safety and established protocols in place.

At Dogtopia, we follow safety measures developed by experts to ensure your pup can just focus on the fun part – playtime! Our certified Canine Coaches are highly trained in maintaining control of a large group of open-play dogs. They always remain in the room during play to ensure a safe environment and are trained in identifying anxious behaviors and signals from our pups to make sure it is all smiles, no stress. We also have staff watching the playroom cameras as an additional measure.

Standard practice at all Dogtopia locations, including ours, is the free Meet & Greet evaluation that every dog needs to pass before staying with us. We make sure all dogs are comfortable in our off-leash, open-play environment, they are up to date with their vaccinations, and are free of any fleas, ticks, or other contagious diseases. Puppies must be at least three months old, and any dog seven months and older require to be spayed or neutered.

Our cleaning program keeps our location germ-free, thanks to our pet-safe spot cleaner that is used when dogs are in open play. Our playrooms are sanitized from top to bottom twice a day with other pet-safe products to ensure the absolute highest level of cleanliness in our facility. We also use high-tech HVAC systems in each playroom to eliminate odors and keep the room climate-controlled, so our pups (and our wonderful staff) remain as comfortable as possible


If your pup is staying overnight or longer, why not commit to the full staycation experience and book a spa day for them? After a full day of play, your dog can enjoy a range of spa services, so they’ll look, feel and smell their best. You can also book a spa treatment closer to the time you pick them up, so your pup is clean and pampered for their trip back home.


If you are ready to book your pup’s next staycation with us, be sure to fill out our online contact form or call us at 845-351-8191 and a team member will help you plan all of the details.


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