Fulshear-Katy Dog Daycare

It's all about my quality time with BFFFs.  You know - socializing, playing and being a smarty pants...sans the pants.

If you want to incorporate more activity into your dog’s day, expand their furry friend group, improve their memory and problem-solving skills, and help them become an even greater canine citizen, look no further than daycare at Dogtopia of Fulshear-Katy. In our brand-new, 5,500 sq ft. facility, you will find lots of dog pictures in our lobby and in our hallways, three large playrooms, and a spacious 1,000 sq ft. secure outdoor play area for those sunshine-filled Texas days.

We prioritize doggie wellness in our off-leash, open-play facility. Our daycare pups engage in fun exercises and brain-stimulating games as they form special bonds with furry friends who have similar play styles. Incorporating exercise into a dog’s lifestyle can play a key role in keeping them healthy and happy. At the same time, our various activities are designed to keep their minds sharp and their problem-solving skills strong. By the time you pick them up for the day, they will have formed new BFFFs (Best Furry Friends Forever) and will be looking forward to their next visit.

To help make our daycare dogs’ experience even more memorable, our facility regularly hosts peanut butter or bacon-flavored bubble parties, art activities where your pup can channel their inner Picasso, tasty treat days, holiday-themed photoshoots, and more. They are bound to have The Most Exciting Day Ever!

Pet parents can choose between half or full-day daycare or enroll in our weekly wellness plans for a more consistent play schedule. Dogs thrive on routines, which makes our wellness plans a great way to add structure to their week.


When your furry family member arrives at Dogtopia of Fulshear-Katy for a day of daycare, they will join a playroom that best aligns with their size, play style, and temperament. Smaller breeds under 35 lbs are an excellent fit for our Toy Box playroom, our Gym is ideal for larger breeds and our more mature dogs, while our medium-sized pups with more playtime energy enjoy our Romper Room. We separate our daycare dogs to ensure they remain safe and comfortable as they play, learn, and exercise. We have also found this helps our pups connect easier and have the opportunity to be more themselves in a space designed specifically for their needs.

Our environment focuses on safety first for both our employees and our dogs in daycare. We have protocols, procedures, and cameras to help us manage all of the safety and movement of dogs within our facility at all times. Dogs in daycare will enjoy a comfortable, family environment the entire time they are here.

Inside our playrooms, we have murals of beaches, parks, and cities on the walls, along with play equipment such as stairs, slides, and tunnels to help keep pups moving and motivated. Our daycare dogs enjoy 8-10 hours of playtime and get an average of 30,000 steps in a day, compared to the 4,000-8,000 steps a dog at home typically gets. Daily exercise contributes to a healthy doggie lifestyle, which increases heart health, reduces anxiety, leads to mobile joints and muscles, and so much more.

Our indoor playrooms allow daycare dogs to run and jump with their furry friends in a secure, climate-controlled space. Even though they are inside, they actually think they are outside because of the textures and smells within our playrooms, except our pups won’t trek home with dirt and mud. Because they believe they are outside, our indoor playrooms will in no way affect potty training. Our outdoor space also remains clean, so all our daycare dogs need to focus on is their playing. These benefits are not always present in popular places like busy dog parks.

Your pup will spend the majority of their day in their assigned playroom, other than some time in our outdoor play area or a pre-scheduled trip to our full-service doggie spa, where they can enjoy a bath time massage or tend to needed treatments, such as a nail trim or deshedding.

When arriving at our facility, they will join the morning crowd of playing dogs. At noon, they will get a much-needed nap and some “me time” in our home-style crates located in the same playroom they played in, chow down on lunch, and take any necessary medications, as directed by the pet parent. At 2:00 p.m., our daycare dogs are recharged and once again ready to play, learn, and socialize. When it’s time to get picked up at closing, pups will be happily played out and ready to drift off to dreamland, which we call the Dogtopia Daze.

SKILLED CANINE COACHES AT Dogtopia of Fulshear-Katy

Our Canine Coaches play an essential role in pups’ positive experience at daycare. Their expertise in managing large groups of dogs of any size and breed allows them to interact easily and encourage socialization, learning, and exercise that our daycare dogs benefit from. With extensive training designed by Dogtopia’s Canine Behaviorist, our Coaches are skilled in dog body language, which means they can detect small changes in behavior and notice if anyone needs a little motivation or a break. The Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers and the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants have approved their training.

Canine Coaches supervise each daycare dog throughout the day, and they are also the ones to organize our fun activity days, prepare food for the pups in our kitchen, administer medication, create tasty treats for our dogs and more. Because of this time spent with your pup, they’re aware of how your dog responds to staff, the furry friends they make, and their overall experience in daycare, which they outline in our periodic report cards given to pet parents. For those that visit daycare often, our Coaches can also add some tips and tricks to help pet parents replicate the basic training your pup experiences at daycare.


It is a top priority that each dog at our daycare is safe and that their needs are met, and this is evident from how we constructed our facility to our daily operations. When our playrooms were built, we installed odor-resistant, compressed rubberized flooring to help maintain the health and longevity of dogs’ paws, hips, and joints, especially since they will be spending the day walking and running on it. Our flooring supports our playing pups, unlike typical materials used in other doggie daycare facilities, like gravel, cement, or pebbles.

We also have separate playrooms with soundproof floor-to-ceiling walls to ensure each pup focuses on their like-minded friends rather than their neighbors. This also helps prevent and contain common airborne dog illnesses. Each playroom has an advanced HVAC system that keeps the air circulating and clean while maintaining an ideal playing temperature. Even if it is sweltering heat outside, our daycare dogs can play freely and comfortably in our climate-controlled playrooms.

To maintain a secure facility, our management team has cameras to watch all areas of the building during all hours. Our safety precautions also extend to our playrooms, as our team sanitizes surfaces multiple times daily, including when pups are taking their naps. In addition, we follow cleaning protocols created by Dogtopia’s Environmental Biologist and Veterinary Scientist and use dog-safe cleaning products to maintain playroom cleanliness. Our facility has a laundry and storage room to house most of our cleaning supplies and extra equipment for our facility.

Our facility also conducts an initial Meet & Greet evaluation that each dog must pass before starting daycare. Our trained evaluators will perform a nose-to-tail health assessment to ensure your pup is feeling their best. We will also check your pup’s health history to confirm they have updated vaccinations (i.e., DHLPP/DHPP, Rabies, Bordetella, etc.). Please note that all dogs must be at least 12 weeks old, while those seven months and older should be spayed or neutered.

During this evaluation, we also determine how your pup responds to interaction from our team and other dogs in a controlled mini-play area. Since full-day daycare pups nap in our home-style crates, we also check your pup’s comfort level when crated. With the exception of naptime, dogs are never in their crates for more than a few minutes in most scenarios.

Our team will also use this opportunity to take you around our facility to see our playrooms and answer any of your questions about our services. Being away from your pup during the day is not always easy, so we want to assure you that our passionate team at Dogtopia of Fulshear-Katy has your dog’s best interests in mind.

Dogtopia endorses multiple Commitments to Safety, which we also follow. They include:

  • A passion for providing pet parents and their furry family members the best possible service
  • Certified Canine Coaches trained to manage and educate all breeds and sizes of dogs
  • 8-10 hours of open-play in an off-leash environment
  • Effective in-store cleaning products
  • A universal vow to treat your dogs like a member of the family


As your dog enjoys tail-wagging fun at daycare, pet parents can virtually join in using our playroom live streams. HD webcams are equipped in each playroom that stream during play hours, which only our pet parents with a dog in daycare can access. Whether at work, school, or even running an errand, you can access our live stream via our website or free mobile app.


Justin Burnett and his team at Dogtopia of Fulshear-Katy are excited to get to know you and your dog. We welcome pet parents from neighboring communities, such as Seven Meadows, Cinco Ranch southwest, Covey Trails, Westheimer Lakes, Canyon Gate at Westheimer Lakes, Lakes of Bella Terra, and more. As members of the community, we proudly value our local relationships with the WellPet Center Veterinary Hospital and the Fulshear Chamber of Commerce.

We have abundant parking available in front of our building, making quick drop-off and pick-up a breeze. Our team can accommodate pet parents with busy schedules, as we are open weekdays from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on Saturdays.

You will find us at the corner of 1463 and 1093, with V’s Barbershop, Firehouse Subs, and Starbucks in our plaza, and Walmart and T.J. Maxx a short distance away. We’re a quick drive from Fulshear Farmer’s Market, Katy Paint and Pottery Studio, and Weston Lakes Country Club, so you can spend the day enjoying some fun local activities while your pup has a fantastic time playing with their BFFFs.

If you have any questions about daycare or any of the services we offer, you can call us at 281-606-3113 or use our contact form and a member of our team will reach out.

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