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Very caring and attentive staff. I don’t have to worry about my dog during his stay at Dogtopia – day care or boarding. Flexible if my dog and I need to be out of town for extended periods (over a week).

DogTopia Fulshear is a wonderful service for our fur babies in our area. The staff is excellent and really enjoys working with animals. The owner, Justin, is very involved in the care and management of the facility. Our Doodle comes home happy and tired. The goal we are needing for 1 year old puppy.

I like the flexibility of being able to add days or nights when needed. Most importantly I love how the people treat the dogs. They care greatly for them! Our dog, Loui, has really learned a lot of social skills about being able to be around other dogs. He is not around a lot with us at home so being able to go to Dogtopia has helped Loui be more confident around other dogs now.

Very friendly folks that love on my pups, almost as much as I do! ❤️🐾

Always friendly, reliable and accommodating. Loves each dog like it was their own.

I always have my Frenchie bathed there and Brandon does a great job. Paris gets so excited when we’re there because she knows she’s going to play with her friends and get a treat! She always gets great attention and care. She’s exhausted when I pick her up and passes out on the way home. She absolutely loves it there and I feel totally confident she is well taken care of.

We love Dogtopia @ Fulshear, Katy! What attracted us at first was the extended schedule but since day one their Service has been amazing! The staff is so great and the menu and activities are so much fun.

Everyone is fantastic! Luna sometimes needs a little extra lovin’ or attention and that’s exactly what she gets! She loves to go “play with friends” I couldn’t ask for a better place to let her play for the day!

Whidbey loves playing with his pals and we love that you’re open on Saturday

The customer service is simply the best! You pair that with top notch facilities and my always happy sweet boy Harlo you’ve got a winner for sure!

Dogtopia of Fulshear-Katy

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