Grand Rapids Pricing

Dog Daycare


Full Day $31
Half Day, Saturday, Sunday $20
5-Day Pass $29 per day
10-Day Pass $28 per day


BFFF $208 per month ($26 per day)

8 days/month

Really Big Deal $300 per month ($25 per day)

12 days/month

Top Dog $480 per month

Unlimited days/month

*Mon – Fri, a half day is 7 AM – 12 PM OR 2 PM – 7 PM

*Sat & Sun are considered half days

Dog Boarding

Standard Boarding $49 per night
Suite Boarding $59 per night

Extended Stay and Multi-dog Discounts Available

*Boarding prices include all day daycare and overnight

*Boarding fee covers through 12 PM on the day of pick up. Pick up after 12 PM will incur a charge of 1 day of daycare

Dog Spa

Bath Starting at $15
Brush Out Starting at $10
Spa Package Starting at $40
Ear Cleaning $10
Nail Trim $10
Teeth Cleaning $5
Self Serve Bath $15