Historic Phoenix Pricing


Regular Enrollment Plans

1 Day per Week $47/Day (Extra Days for $47/Day)
2 Days per Week $86/Week (Extra Days for $43/Day)
3 Days per Week $117/Week (Extra Days for $39/Day)
Unlimited Daycare $150/Week

Weekend Enrollment Plans

1 Weekend Day per Week $30/Week
2 Weekend Days per Week $50/Week

Regular Enrollment Plans work best for anyone who regularly uses daycare on weekdays.

Weekend Enrollment Plans work best for anyone who primarily uses daycare on weekends or is just looking for some extra fun and socialization. If you will regularly attend on weekdays, a Regular Plan will be better for you because Extra Days on a Weekend Plan cost $55/Day. This gives you the flexibility to attend on a weekday when you need to but ensures that parents who pay for Regular Plans are able to get reservations when they need them during the week.

  • All plans are week-to-week. There is no long-term commitment required (but frequent switching of plans is strongly discouraged).
  • Each dog must have its own plan and can be on only one plan at a time. You cannot be on both a Regular Plan and a Weekend Plan.
  • Additional daycare days can be added as needed at your plan’s Extra Day rate.
  • All plans provide access to our awesome Loyalty Program.
  • All plans (including Unlimited) require reservations.


Daily Enrollment Plan $24/Night + Daily Daycare
Unlimited Enrollment Plan $19/Night

To help keep our playrooms fun and safe for everyone, boarding is available only to dogs who are enrolled in daycare. This ensures that every dog is familiar with open play and has a strong relationship with both their Canine Coach and the other dogs in the room.



Basic Bath Starts at $21
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Dry
Luxury Bath Starts at $26
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Blueberry Facial
  • Brush
  • Blowdry
De-shed Luxury Bath Starts at $31
  • De-shed Shampoo
  • De-shed Conditioner
  • Blueberry Facial
  • De-shed Brushout
  • Blowdry

Bath Add-Ons

Nails, Teeth & Ears $14
  • Nail Trim / Grind
  • Enzymatic Teeth Cleaning
  • Ear Cleaning
Extra De-shed Brushout $10 per 15 minutes

Quick Fixes

Nail Trim / Grind $12
Ear Cleaning $12
Enzymatic Teeth Cleaning $12

Save on Spa treatments by getting your pup into a hygiene routine.

  • Monthly – Save 15%
  • Bi-Weekly – Save 20%
  • Weekly – Save 25%