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Home sweet home away from home where I can have my own blanket and doggie personal space.

Spending time away from your furry family member, either overnight or for multiple days, is never easy. But when you need to go on a work trip, a vacation, or require a dog-free home for a few days, our boarding service can give you peace of mind that your pup is staying in a space that puts their health and safety first.

We like to think that our boarding pups are on a staycation, which means they need to start off their days with fun, of course! During the day, your pup will join all the games that takes place in our daycare, and engage in activities designed to work out their minds and bodies. Our brain games keep them thinking on their paws, while our agility-focused exercises keep them moving with an average daily step count of 30,000 – 7.5x greater than dogs get at home. We also can’t forget about the new and endearing BFFFs (Best Furry Friends Forever) they make while in daycare! The special bonds that are created are not only adorable but help keep them social, which is important when trying to build your dog’s confidence.

Pet parents in and around Humble, Texas can choose from our multiple boarding options. Our homestyle crate option allows room for a pet bed from home, and your dog gets to stay in the daycare room that they just played in to add a layer of familiarity. Looking for something a little more private or spacious? Our suite options may be the right fit. Each private suite is large enough for your dog to move about freely and ideal for sibling dogs who want to stay together.


Our brand-new facility offers 6,500 sq. ft. for your pup to explore. Before attending a boarding stay, we like all our dogs to have at least three days of daycare behind them. This helps make our space more comfortable for them, especially since staying overnight in a place other than home is a rare experience. All dogs that enter our location must also pass our Meet & Greet, which is a thorough evaluation that our expert team conducts to ensure an open-play, off-leash environment is optimal for your pup. While it only takes 20-30 minutes, we fit in a nose-to-tail assessment, an overall health check, observe your pup’s response to our team interreacting with them, their reaction in our home-style crates where they will be spending naptime and overnight in, and how they respond in our controlled mini-play space to see if they are comfortable making furry friends.

Please note that all dogs who want to visit our location must be 12 weeks and older and have an updated vaccination record (i.e., Rabies, Bordetella, DHPP, etc.). While our pups seven months and older must be spayed/neutered.

During the day at daycare, your pup will be in one of our three playrooms. We split our playrooms up based on size, temperament, and play style to help us maintain all the tail-wagging fun as our pups socialize with like-minded furry friends. Our “Gym” is an ideal space for larger breeds of dogs who are well-socialized, and our older pups who require a calm setting. Our “Toybox” is best for smaller breeds. While the energy levels and fun remain high among these pups, everyone is relatively on the same height level, so no one is getting trampled by a herd of playful Golden Retrievers! The “Romper” playroom is for the pups who fall in-between, such as our high-energy teens and toddlers like Goldendoodles, Huskies, and Weimaraners. From the moment pups in this playroom make their way in, to the time they leave for home or in their crate/suite, they are in fun play mode!

Our playrooms are supervised by our Canine Coaches, who are experts in managing large groups of dogs and can detect even the slightest change in body language to help maintain positive play throughout the day. Our Canine Coaches facilitate brain and agility games, as well as organize our exciting themed parties and photoshoots that we regularly hold – don’t worry, we take lots of pictures to share the cuteness with our pet parents!

Each Canine Coach must pass multiple levels of our extensive training that follows curriculum supported by the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants and the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers. When you leave your pup overnight or for an extended stay, you can feel rest assured they are in capable hands. Not only do they supervise our pups during the day at daycare, but they also prepare our boarding pups for nighttime – we don’t hold back on pets, nose boops, and cuddles here at Dogtopia of Atascocita!


We want the entire boarding experience for your pup to be as comfortable and fun as possible. This is why we recommend our pet parents bring some reminders of home, such as their typical bedding and/or a special toy. We also encourage bringing their normal food as a way to maintain their diet while here. However, we do provide food for purchase, while our dry food, protein bowls, and treats are always hit. Your pup won’t stop barking about our delish chicken and salmon protein bowls or our “makin’ bacon Fridays.” You can feel extra good about giving your pup a treat during their stay, as all of our treat proceeds go to the Dogtopia Foundation, which supports dog-focused programs around North America.

Many of our pet parents also like to book a couple of spa treatments during their pup’s extended stay. We offer a range of services from bath time massages and brush outs to blueberry facials. They will leave feeling like a million bones!

If you are wondering what your dog’s day will look like when they stay with us, we maintain a consistent schedule. From opening until noon, they will play with their like-minded furry friends and engage in all of the fun daycare activities we have to offer. Then, from noon until 2:00 p.m., they will recharge by getting a much-needed nap in our home-style crates. This is also the time to eat lunch and our staff will administer any medication that was outlined by the pet parent. Our staff also goes into each playroom and disinfects all of the surfaces so that it is a spotless space to continue playing. When the clock strikes 2:00 p.m., our pups feel energized again to play and engage in fun exercises until it’s time for bed. While our daycare pups get picked up, our boarding dogs will get ready to snuggle into their crate or suite until it’s time to repeat it all again the next day.


Safety is our number one priority at Dogtopia. All playrooms are equipped with webcams and motion sensors and have state-of-the-art air flow systems that utilize UV filters to purify the air for the dogs. This helps us keep bacteria low, while also keeping the air circulating within each playroom. Developed by our team of experts, our cleaning protocols include pet-friendly products that do not contain any chemicals that could harm dogs, which we use to deep-clean our playrooms multiple times a day.

We designed each playroom to have full, soundproof walls that help prevent any doggie airborne viruses from spreading. This also helps our team keep our pups focused on one another, rather than their furry neighbors – a common issue for dog daycares that opt for room dividers as an alternative to walls. We also have compressed rubberized floors in each playroom that are soft and comfortable but remain easy to clean. This type of flooring aids in the long-term health of our pups’ joints, hips, and paws, which is a better alternative than cement or gravel.


All of our playrooms have webcams and they are on for our pet parents to view from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. The only time they go off is during lunch (from 12 -2 p.m.) and overnight. Otherwise, you can tune in via our website or mobile app to catch your furry family member making friends and enjoying all the fun learning and exercise they will be immersed in. It’s seriously the cutest thing you will watch all day!


Team Lovins here at Dogtopia of Atascocita can’t wait to meet you and your furry family member! We are located at 7140 FM 1960 Rd. E, which is nestled outside the neighborhoods of Atascocita North and South. You can access our location from FM 1960 and Atascocita Road, and can take either Hwy 59/US 69 or Beltway 8.

If you are using Hwy 59/US 69, be sure to take the 1960 east towards Huffman, then turn right into the parking lot where you will find popular stores like Everything .99 store, Verizon Wireless, Jersey Mikes, and Total Nutrition. If you want to take Beltway 8, drive north onto West Lake Houston Parkway, make a left at FM 1960 and immediately get into the left lane. Make another left onto Atascocita Road, and Dogtopia will be on your right-hand side, after Shipley Do-Nuts. We have ample parking available at our facility both in a large parking lot and with drop-off and pick-up spots up front. If you are planning a fun day with the family at Old MacDonald’s Farm or want to explore the Jesse H. Jones Park & Nature Center, you can easily drop your pup off on the way.


If you are in the process of planning your next work trip or family vacation, be sure to plan for your pup as well by contacting our team at 281-417-4622 or by filling out our online inquiry form if you have any questions. We can’t wait to treat your pup to a staycation of their very own!

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