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It's all about my quality time with BFFFs.  You know - socializing, playing and being a smarty pants...sans the pants.

Dogs are furry members of our family, and while we may always want to shower them with the attention they deserve, sometimes it’s not possible. When work, school, or even life gets in the way, a trip to dog daycare can be just what they need to keep their spirits high as they socialize with like-minded BFFFs (Best Furry Friends Forever) and engage in much-needed physical exercise with brain games and agility-focused activities throughout the day.

Rather than leaving your pup home alone during the day, treat them to the Most Exciting Day Ever in our brand-new off-leash, open-play facility nestled just outside the neighborhoods of Atascocita North and South. Thanks to the themed parties and cute photoshoots we hold throughout the month, along with the always popular bacon-flavored bubble chases, their days at Dogtopia of Atascocita will be fun and memorable!


Team Lovins warmly welcomes pet parents from Huffman, Kingwood, Humble, Atascocita and our surrounding neighborhoods to our newly constructed, modern 6,500 sq. ft. facility that puts your dog’s wants and needs first. As soon as their paws enter our space, they will be greeted by our loving front desk team before joining in on all the doggie daycare fun. They’ll develop socialization skills as they build their new furry friend group, and enjoy between eight to ten hours of play where they will engage in exercises for their brain and body that are disguised as fun games.

We have three indoor, temperature-controlled playrooms that pups can explore, which are under the supervision of our highly trained Canine Coaches. Our “Toybox” is ideal for the smaller pups that are 25 lbs. and under, such as the adorable Boston Terriers, Maltese, or Dachshund breeds. The “Gym” is where you will find bigger breeds and dogs that are a bit older and calmer. If you have an older pup at home that needs a break from the fast-paced fun of the younger crowd at the dog park, this is a great space for them. The “Romper” playroom is for the pups that fall somewhere in between.

Each indoor playroom is large enough for pups to run around in, and thanks to them being climate-controlled, the weather outside is never an issue. Plus, playing indoors will have no negative impact on house training, as dogs think of inside and outside differently than humans. Since the sights, smells, and sounds your pup will experience in our indoor playrooms are very different than their experiences at home, this creates a stark separation that dogs will take note of. After two decades in this industry, Dogtopia can say with confidence that an open-play environment does not mean your pup will start going potty at home.

When we constructed our new space, we ensured that each playroom was customized to meet specific dog health needs. Our floors are made from compressed rubber, which is soft and comfortable on a dog’s paws and aids in their long-term hip and joint health. This material is also non-absorbent, which makes sanitizing quick so pups can get back to playing in a clean space. Speaking of sanitizing, it is Dogtopia’s protocol to disinfect playroom surfaces multiple times a day using pet-safe cleaning products that are free of harsh chemicals. Each playroom is also separated using full walls rather than small room dividers to help prevent and contain dog viruses that can spread in the air. Since our walls are soundproof, this also helps keep our pups focused on one another and the activities they are engaged in, rather than what’s happening in the other playrooms

To protect against the things we can’t see, we have a UV-filtered HVAC system in each playroom to help remove bacteria in the air and ensure that there is proper circulation. This helps keep our pups comfortable in a temperate-controlled room during play and nap time.

Here at Dogtopia of Atascocita, we follow Dogtopia’s Commitments to Safety, including:

  • 8- 10 hours of open-play to encourage socialization, exercise, and learning
  • Health and safety protocols developed by Dogtopia’s very own biologist, behaviorist, and veterinarian
  • Comfortable home-style crates for resting, feeding, and overnight stays
  • Brain games to identify the smarty pants in the room
  • A universal vow to treat your dog like they are a member of the Dogtopia family
  • A charitable cause that enables dogs to give back to the community through Service Dogs for Veterans, Youth Literacy Program, and Employment Initiatives for Adults with Autism (See our Dogtopia Foundation for more information.)
  • A passion for providing pet parents and their furry family members with the best service possible


When your dog is enjoying all of the daycare fun, they engage with our expert team of Canine Coaches who are not only dog lovers themselves but have successfully completed an extensive four-part training process with a curriculum that has been approved by the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers and the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants.

Experts in doggie body language and pack behavior management, our Canine Coaches use positive reinforcement techniques to reward good behavior and are quick to step in to maintain the positive, tail-wagging play we love to see. They organize our brain games and agility activities, so they are always encouraging socialization and focused engagement to keep our pups’ minds and bodies active throughout the day. Our Canine Coaches can also recognize if your pup might need to take some breaks during the day and are there to facilitate them as needed. Your dog’s safety and comfort are a top concern here at Dogtopia of Atascocita.

Since our Canine Coaches spend so much time around our daycare dogs, they can provide periodic report cards that outline what your dog’s behavior was like during the day and how they responded to their new furry friends. Our regular daycare customers can also receive extra tips to replicate the training techniques we use at home. The more daycare your dog attends, the more socialization skills and good manners they’ll develop. Soon it will be straight A’s every time!


Pet parents can choose from half and full-day daycare options, depending on their needs. If staying the full day, you can drop your pup off as soon as we open, which is 7:00 in the morning Monday through Friday, and 9:00 a.m. on Saturdays. We also have early arrival (and late pick up) for our First Responders, which is an hour before and after our regular hours.

As soon as we open our doors, playtime mode is on! Since dogs thrive by following structure and sticking to a routine, we like to keep our daycare days pretty consistent. Even if there are new activities, such as bacon-flavored bubble parties throughout the day, our timeline remains the same. Until noon, our Canine Coaches encourage play and socialization for our pups with their new BFFFs. Then, it’s time for lunch and a well-deserved nap in our home-style crates that are placed in the same playroom your pup just played in. This helps us maintain some familiarity for them so that they can just focus on recharging.

We encourage pet parents to bring food from home to help keep a typical diet, but we also offer food for purchase. We have dry food, protein bowls, and treats– the chicken and salmon protein bowls are beloved, while our “makin’ bacon Fridays” are a hit with pet parents and pups alike! All proceeds from our treats go to the Dogtopia Foundation to help support their amazing community efforts across North America.

While our pups are chowing down and getting some rest, our expert staff is taking this time to give our playrooms a deep clean. That way when the dogs wake up from their naps, they can immediately get back to all the fun in a sanitized space. Then from around 2:00 p.m. to closing, they can burn off any lasting energy so that when they are picked up, they are happy, calm, and all played out in the best way possible – this is what we call the “Dogtopia Daze,” which our pet parents appreciate.

Many of our pet parents book spa treatments for their pup to take place during their daycare stay. This can be a great way to treat your dog to some extra pampering, and also get them looking and feeling like a million bones before it’s time for pick up. Add in a bath time massage or blueberry facial for the full spa experience!

Over the course of the day, our daycare dogs average 30,000 steps, while the average at-home dog will only take 4,000 steps. Daycare provides great health benefits, as cardio can help minimize the risk of doggie health issues and help them live long, fulfilling lives. Moving and engaging in fun activities also helps them relieve any pent-up stress they may be experiencing, which is just as important to manage as their physical health. If you’ve noticed your pup is experiencing separation anxiety lately, such as a result of you leaving the house more for work and/or school, bringing them to Dogtopia of Atascocita can be a great way to ensure they are getting the physical activity and mental stimulation needed to keep them busy and happy throughout the day.


Check in on how your pup is doing with our private webcam streams available only for our pet parents. See them make new friends and play from your phone or computer via our website or mobile app available for Apple and Android users. While our stream will be offline during lunch/nap time and overnight as your pup won’t be doing much other than getting some beauty sleep, you can still virtually join in on the fun during play hours! All of our webcams are monitored by our expert team during this time, and we also have motion sensors in our playrooms to detect any movements during sleeping hours.


To maintain safety at our facility, all dogs must pass our thorough evaluation, which we call our Meet & Greet. Led by our expert team of evaluators, we will spend some time with your pup to determine if our open-play setting is ideal. After all, we want all of our pups to have the best time, every time.

We will first make note of our overall observations, conduct a nose-to-tail assessment, and review your dog’s health history. Then, we will determine how they respond to our staff’s touch and interactions, and if they are comfortable and calm in our home-style crates. We will also place them in our controlled mini-play area with other pups, which we will be specially monitored for the short amount of time they are playing. During the evaluation, which typically lasts around 20-30 minutes, we encourage pet parents to ask us any questions about our services and tour our facility. Not only do we want our daycare dogs to feel comfortable here, but we want pet parents to know our space well. That way, you’ll know they are having a great time in a comfortable and safe environment.

Please note that all daycare dogs must be 12 weeks and older, while those seven months and older must be spayed/neutered. As well, they must be up-to-date with their vaccinations (i.e., Rabies, Bordetella, DHPP). While some local breeders in our area do allow non-altered dogs to say with them, they often spend most their time in a room and only exercise during an hour of yard time. Dog daycare should be fun, not a maximum-security prison!


Dogtopia of Atascocita is nestled just outside the neighborhoods of Atascocita North and South and is easily accessible from both FM 1960 and Atascocita Road. There are two popular ways to get to our location:

  • Hwy 59/ US 69 – take 1960 east towards Huffman, then turn right into the parking lot that is home to the Everything .99 store, Verizon Wireless, Jersey Mikes, and Total Nutrition. We are in the corner of the shopping center facing Atascocita Road.
  • Beltway 8 – go north onto West Lake Houston Parkway, then turn left at FM 1960 and immediately get into the left lane. Turn left onto Atascocita Road, and Dogtopia will be on your right-hand If you see Shipley Do-Nuts, you are going the right way.

When you arrive at our location, you will find a large parking lot with spots in front of our store as well. This makes drop-off and pick-up a breeze. We’re conveniently located if you are on the way to the Atascocita Golf Club, are going on a family trip to the Houston Interactive Aquarium & Animal Preserve, or are spending part of the day at LakeView Park, the Kings River Community Pool, or Old MacDonald’s Farm, as we are only a short drive away from many main attractions.


Our friendly team is here to answer your questions about daycare or any of the other services we provide at Dogtopia of Atascocita. If you are ready to book your Meet & Greet evaluation, call us at 281-417-4622 or fill out our online inquiry form and a team member will reach out to you as soon as possible.

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