Houston Dog Daycare and Its Benefits for Puppies 

puppy daycare and the benefits it has at Dogtopia Galleria

As a Houston dog daycare, we hear from many of our clients that their friends plan to bring home a new puppy. Whether you have to isolate or work remotely, a puppy can bring fresh energy to your home! However, sometimes you need to focus, and taking your puppy to a climate-controlled dog daycare can be a great resource.

Is It Time for Dog Daycare? 

When your puppy turns three months old, it’s like they turn into a whole new dog! While their previous dog training and play sessions would last about an hour, they now have more energy than ever. This is a common transition for puppies.

Before, they might be content chewing on a toy in your lap for an hour. Now, an hour is simply not enough time to expend their energy. Their walks need to be longer, and they become more precocious.

Maybe they start stealing things and running off with them. Perhaps they take to chewing on furniture. When you need to get back to work, it might be time for a trusted, highly recommended Houston dog daycare and boarding facility.

Their First Day at Our Houston Dog Daycare

After your dog comes in for a meet and greet, they’ll be ready for their first day in our Houston dog daycare. Your puppy will go through all the required processes that help us evaluate and get to know our guests. While they might be playful with you, we may find they’re quite shy in front of new people. Dog daycare and boarding can be an excellent way for shy dogs to be their best selves around strangers.

When it is time, our caring staff will introduce them to the appropriate playgroups. They might be a little nervous at first, but that is entirely normal. Once they check out the room, they will warm up to their fellow guests and start to make new friends.

Appropriate Play with Other Dogs 

At our Houston dog daycare, we have indoor and outdoor play areas for dogs to explore and run. Supervised by our highly trained staff, they play with other dogs and different toys and structures. The best part is that you can check in on your puppy and watch them play via our webcams!

Dog daycare can be beneficial for puppies and adult dogs alike. Moreover, it helps puppies develop appropriate manners through socialization. In a daycare environment, they have plenty of opportunities to socialize with new people, new dogs, and new sights, sounds, and smells. Additionally, we offer dog training services that help your puppy become a better canine citizen.

Dog Daycare and Training 

Whether your puppy ignores commands or jumps at visitors, our training can help. Likewise, behavioral training for dogs can benefit anxiety and other forms of stress. At our Houston dog daycare, we offer training that helps dogs maintain their manners in our dog boarding facility as well as back at home.

Training is important for many reasons. Firstly, it offers your puppy mental stimulation and exercise. Moreover, it trains them to succeed and provides positive reinforcement for good behavior.

Training at our dog daycare is beneficial to dogs with any age or temperament. After all, a lack of training tends to lead to aggressive behavior as they resort to instinctual behavior.

Visit Our Houston Dog Daycare 

At Dogtopia of Houston-Galleria, we strive to provide the best dog daycare services in Houston, TX. We pride ourselves on having your dog feel as though they are at a pet resort. When you leave your dog with us, they feel comfortable and absolutely love their time. They also get to enjoy hours of off-leash fun and open play.

Are you looking for a supervised, safe environment for your dog? Set up a meet and greet today, and see for yourself how we can care for your furry friend.