what dog boarding houstonians need to know

What Do Dog Boarding Houston Residents Need to Know?

When preparing for their next vacation, the responsible dog boarding Houstonian wants to know that their pet is safe so that they can relax in peace. Leaving your dog behind whenever you leave home is quite possibly one of the hardest things for any pet owner to do. From our studies of socialization in dogs, we know that they do not like to be left on their own all day, just as we know you don’t want them to be alone.

The problem is that not all dog boarding Houston facilities are created equal. When you’re looking for the best place to keep your dog overnight, we know what you need to consider. This quick list of tips will help you find a high-quality boarding kennel that will give your dog a vacation, too.

Dog Boarding Houston Recommendations 

Whether you ask your friends and family, talk to your vet, or google “dog boarding Houston,” you’re sure to find a wide array of options available. Keep your eyes fixed for a facility that consistently receives rave reviews. While you’re looking, keep an eye out for notes about the highly trained staff and friendly environments. This will help you narrow down your list and help ease your concerns that your dog is in the right hands.


Highly Trained Staff 

Speaking of a well-trained staff, the amount of training that a Houston dog boarding facility’s staff receives can vary. Some places require animal care qualifications while others might hire local high school students. It might not be possible for every single staff member to be trained, but a high-quality dog boarding facility in the Houston area should always have a trained staff member on duty.


Cleanliness is Key

A pet boarding facility should promise the highest quality standards. To make sure they stick to these standards, arrange a visit before you board your dog. During your visit, ensure that you inspect every area so that you feel comfortable your dog will remain happy and healthy during their stay. You’ll also want to be sure that any kennels are adequately sized so that the dogs are comfortable.


Exercise & Play 

Dog boarding Houston residents can trust needs to allocate time for dogs to play and exercise. Some facilities have indoor play areas while others have outdoor runs attached to the building. You’ll want to check out these areas so that you have an idea of what kind of exercise your dog will receive. After all, dogs are filled with energy, and they need a proper outlet.


An Eye on Comfort 

Concrete floors may be easier or better for cleaning, but you likely do not want your dog to sleep on a hard, cold floor. A proper Houston dog boarding facility will provide climate-controlled areas with bedding or a raised area so that dogs aren’t on cold floors. If you have the option of providing your own bedding, you may want to bring some from home so that your dog feels more comfortable.


Dog Boarding Houstonians Can Trust 

At Dogtopia in the Galleria area, we are committed to a thoughtful approach when it comes to caring for your dog. We developed our dog boarding concept around interaction and socialization because we know how important these are for your dog. During their stay at our Houston dog boarding facility, we want to help your puppy or adult dog become a happier, better-behaved member of your family.

If you need a dog boarding facility in Houston, contact us today to arrange a Meet & Greet.