Dogtopia Jacksonville Southbank is committed to remaining open to support healthcare workers, first responders and those who need us. We are operating under normal business hours 6:30 AM - 7:30 PM Monday through Friday and 10 AM - 2 PM Saturday and Sunday. We have implemented a no touch drop off and pick up and we hope to see you soon.

Jacksonville-SouthBank Pricing

Dog Daycare

Per Day

Full Day $33/day


BFFFs $211/month or $26/day
Really Big Deal $297/month or $25/day
Top Dog $462/month or $23/day


5 Day Pass $157/month or $31/day
10 Day Pass $297/month or $29/day

Dog Boarding

Standard Boarding $55/night
Suite Boarding $65/night

Dog Spa

Regular Bath Starts at $25
Full-Service Spa Starts at $35