Jacksonville-SouthBank Reviews

1075 Hendricks Avenue, Jacksonville, Florida 32207

5 Star Rating - 84 reviews

Friendly staff, love watching my dog on the webcams!

Staff is super friendly & I love how the dogs are always playing.

Everything and everyone has been great!!

My dog is known & safe at Dogtopia. He only comes sporadically but is still treated like an every day attendee. He is wet with the slobber of other dogs when I pick him up & I have watched him on the webcam playing and wrestling with other dogs from a laying position because he is so tired but so comfortable & confident there. He can show his belly at Dogtopia & it’s not out of fear, it’s out of trust. Also- he sleeps for about 48 hours after each visit. Yasss.


It’s very clean and I can check up on my dog throughout the day. All the staff that I came into contact with were very nice. One thing that I was sad about is that I never saw the staff member in the gym pet my dog and I had that up all afternoon. I saw my dog following him around but and he never pet him or touched him. It made me sad but he didn’t know my dog. It was his first day.

Convenience, staff and flexibility

Friendly staff, always clean, and I’m glad my dog is treated like one of their own

Cleanest facility in jacksonville.
The staff are kind and friendly and the place is so much fun for the the puppies.

Can’t wait to come back!

Dogtopia of Jacksonville-SouthBank

Are you looking for a safe and fun place to leave your pup when you can’t be with them? Dogtopia of Jacksonville-SouthBank is your one-stop shop! We are the premier destination  for dog daycare, boarding and spa services.  Our mission is to make sure our four-legged clients have a fun-filled time when they stay at our fully-equipped, spacious facility.

We realize how important your dog’s safety is; that’s why our team is highly trained.  You can rest easy knowing that you’re leaving your pup in very capable hands!