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I feel that the staff really cares about all of the dogs including mine! They have been courteous and accommodating as my docs just started coming there. As soon as my dogs walk into the door they act like they have known the staff for a long time on their second time meeting them!

We will be making dogtopia our regular place for daycare and boarding

I love that your associates are so friendly and take a true interest in the pups! I love the ability to drop him off half days as well as full days for day care.

Everyone was very professional and my dog came home happy.

Friendly staff. Clean facility. Enthusiasm to see my dog

Everyone is very pleasant, professional and smiling.

They understand my dog’s unique personality and needs.

Flexible scheduling, fair price, and gentle with an anxious dog!

I stopped taking my dog there for boarding and daycare after she came home from a boarding totally traumatized, a different dog (that doesn’t happen when a friend keeps her for extended stays). I returned recently to Dogtopia and noticed a few things: the front area doesn’t stink anymore, the floor is clean again, the help is less slovenly but still unprofessional. Orange hair and piercings don’t convey much confidence in customers. I’d like to see staff get their nose out of the computer or phone and appear glad to see me and my dog. Of course, I don’t know what goes on in the dog area.

The staff are wonderful with my dog, Buhdy. They greet him by name, pet him, tell me how he is doing and know him well. He gets good exercise and engagement. Their spa services are affordable and excellent. I trust these people and this organization completely and I am very picky about who takes care of my dog.

The Dogtopia management and staff are hard-working, enthusiastic, intelligent, experienced in working with and taking care of dogs, and most importantly, their compassionate approach is palpable and obvious!!!

Dogtopia of Lafayette

Loving dog parents want to treat their furry family member to the best life possible. Dogtopia, the premier dog day care center in Lafayette, CO, is here to help you do just that! Our friendly, knowledgeable staff is dedicated to providing your pup a safe, healthy, and fun experience with our open play and socialization, overnight boarding, spa services and more.

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