Limerick Reviews

33 W. Ridge Pike, Suite 387, Limerick, Pennsylvania 19468

5 Star Rating - 233 reviews

Friendly environment for dogs and pet owners. Many extra services available. A bunch of happy pups!

We love how attentive you are to each dog. You want what’s best for the dogs and that shows.

Friendly owners, staff.
The play area is kept clean
Dogs are vetted prior to daycare/boarding

Friendly staff.

The atmosphere is welcoming, cheerful and bright. All of the staff were very friendly and helpful.

Our dog is always excited when she visits and we are always satisfied with the care and friendly, professional service.

Service, video availability

I love the fact that when I say “wanna go to school?” my dog lights up and runs to the door. As soon as he sees the building he get excited. The staff are very nice ad caring. It gives me great peace of mind that my dog is being well taken care of while I am at work.

Roxy is always treated very well when she goes to daycare.


Dogtopia of Limerick

Dogtopia is the leading destination for dog daycare, boarding and spa services . Our mission is to make sure your four-legged family members are kept safe and have a fun time when they are at our modern, open-play facility.

We understand that your dog is a member of the family. You want to provide your dog with safe socialization so that they meet and play with like-minded friends, exercise to keep them healthy and extend their lives and education to help ensure they are well-behaved both at home and when you take them out in public. Dogtopia’s daycare is designed with these needs in mind. Your dog’s safety is our top priority; that’s why our team’s training is certified by two nationally recognized associations in canine behavior. Our play rooms are supervised by these certified Canine Coaches, and your dog will be in a playroom where he or she is surrounded by dogs of similar size, temperament and play style as well as those who are fully vaccinated and have passed our Dogtopia evaluation. Your dog will be in very capable hands during their time with us!

Bischon Frise Running in Dogtopia
Big dog on Dogtopia playroom equipment
Pup with Tongue Out in Bath
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