We appreciate everyones patience as we continue to navigate COVID-19. We welcome Pet Parents to come into the lobby with proper facial covering, or continue to utilize our curbside pick up and drop off services. Thank you!

Manassas team


If this is your pup’s first time at Dogtopia, there are a few things pet parents should prepare prior to rewarding your dog with the most exciting day ever!

As Dogtopians, we're a unique breed, we love and care for your pup like our own furry family.

At Dogtopia, our passion is giving every single dog the best-individualized care with their health, safety, and comfort as our top priority! Our home away from home environment is the perfect place for your pup to learn, play, and socialize with their BFFF (Best Furry Friend Forever).

Meet the Team

Ashleigh Walker, Area Manager

Ashleigh joined our team in May 2015 while still in school. She graduated from Virginia Tech in 2017 with a degree in Animal Sciences. She currently lives in Manassas with her two snakes, Klaus and Ole, and her frog, Squash. In her free time, Ashleigh loves to go hiking or spend time outdoors! She received her Pet First Aid and CPR Certification in October of 2017

Rachael Cowgill, Assistant Manager

A Manassas native, Rachael attended Osbourn High School. She has been with our Dogtopia team since August 2014 and is always a friendly face in our lobby. Her high quality standard of care ensures your dogs are getting the very best at Dogtopia. Rachael currently lives in Manassas with her Cockapoo, Oliver. When not at Dogtopia, she enjoys listening to live music and playing lacrosse. Rachael received her Pet First Aid and CPR Certification in May 2017.

Weslee LaPolla, Groomer

Weslee is a 2007 graduate of Virginia School of Grooming and joined our Dogtopia team in May 2009. She lives in Manassas with her husband, Tim, and her two sons, Timmy and Tyson. She has an adorable Pomeranian named Katie. When not grooming, Weslee enjoys photography and spending time with her family. Weslee received her updated Pet First Aid and CPR Certification in May 2017.

Kylie Makel, Playroom Manager

Kylie joined the team in August of 2016. She has associates degree in general studies and hopes to pursue a career working with dogs! She currently has four dogs of her own: Minnie the Lab mix, Daisy the Bichon, Piper the Corgi mix and Luna the Husky. In her free time she enjoys filming and editing videos with her sister and practicing her graphic design skills! She is pictured with her dog, Luna. Kylie received her Pet First Aid and CPR Certification in May 2017.

Josias (Tito) Ventura, Shift Leader and Dogtopia Foundation Ambassador

Tito attended Osbourn High School and joined our team in August 2017. In his free time, Tito enjoys spending time outside enjoying nature, and spending time with his friends. He is currently attending George Mason University studying Music Education with the dream of inspiring every student in his programs. Tito is pictured with Dogtopia dog, Penny. Tito received his Pet First Aid and CPR Certification in October 2017.  Tito began his role as Dogtopia Foundation Ambassador in September 2019.  As Ambassador, Tito helps our Manassas and Gainesville locations to raise money to enable dogs to positively change our world.

Katie Retson, Front Desk and Customer Care Specialist

Katie (pictured with Dogtopia dog, Bear) joined the team in April 2018. She’s currently finishing her Associates Degree in Psychology at NOVA. She lives on top of a beautiful mountain in Linden with her partner and their four pets , Bean the Staffy mix, Gus-Gus Françios the Bugg, Little Dog the Maltese and Fezzik the Maine Coon. When she’s not working, taking a class or hanging out with the chunks and family. She enjoys camping surrounded by trees and enjoying the sound of streams & creeks next to the crackling of a fire.

Emely Chavarria, Playroom Manager

Emely joined our team in August 2018! She resides in Bristow with her two dogs Tyson, the Beagle mix, and Lucas, the Westie mix, and her three cats Sky, Mochi, and Archie. In her free time she loves expressing herself through her painting and trying new foods with her friends. Emely is pictured with Dogtopia dog, Ziggy the Great Dane.

Isabella Dangler, Front Desk

Izzy joined our team in February 2019. She loves animals and is always looking for the next petshe can adopt and love. She currently has two dogs, Korah, the German Shepherd mix and Polly, the Mastiff mix, along with two Guinea Pigs and a hamster. In her free time she enjoys listening to music and exploring new places with her friends. She is currently enrolled at George Manson pursuing a bachelor’s degree in biology and then continue her education in veterinary medicine. Izzy is pictured with Dogtopia dog, Bobo, the Portuguese Water Dog.

Leydi Castillo, Caine Coach/Front Desk in Training

Leydi joined our team in July 2019. She lives in Manassas with her 4 year old dog Kobe, the Shih Tzu, her Parakeet, Nova, and her Budgie, Cheese. Leydi is currently studying American Sign Language to be an interpreter. When she isn’t working or focusing on school, she enjoy’s drawing and spending time with friends and family. Leydi is pictured with Dogtopia dog Lexi, the Shepherd mix.

CJ Armstrong, Canine Coach

CJ joined out team in June 2019 after attending Westfield High School. He resides in Centreville with his 1 year old family dog Ahda, the Silver Lab. In his free time CJ enjoys playing video games, hunting, and archery. He has been advancing his archery skills by teaching himself how to shoot an English Long Bow. CJ is pictured with his dog, Ahda.

Haley Antwine, Canine Coach

February 2021

Bridget Faupel, Canine Coach in Training

February 2021

Helen Reckline, Groomer

February 2021

Bischon Frise Running in Dogtopia
Big Doggie on Slide
Pup with Tongue Out in Bath