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Home sweet home away from home where I can have my own blanket and doggie personal space.

Looking to book your dog’s very own staycation? At Dogtopia of Bel Air, your furry family member can stay overnight or for an extended stay with our expert team, who is ready to give them the quality care they deserve. When your pup can’t be by your side, whether it be on a work trip, family vacation, or you simply want them to have a fun sleepover with their furry friends, our boarding services can be their home away from home.

Think of our 6,000 sq ft. state-of-the-art facility as a doggie resort where they will have all the tail-wagging fun they can handle. During the day, they will learn, play, exercise and socialize with their new BFFFs (Best Furry Friends Forever) at daycare, and by night, they will be tuckered out and ready to catch some Z’s to prepare for their next day of play.

Please note that we strongly encourage boarding dogs to have at least three plays at daycare before their stay. This allows them to get comfortable with our facility and staff in advance of their overnight visit.

During their stay, pet parents can choose between a home-style crate or a private suite (ideal for siblings), both offering comfort for our pups. No matter which one you opt for, boarding dogs will only be in their crate/suite overnight, during nap time from 12:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. and when they need brief moments of rest. We follow a similar schedule to that of a pup at home – from 9:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m., dogs are in their crates or private suites, and during their stay, they will join the daily daycare dogs for some open play activities from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

For breakfast, lunch, and dinner, pet parents can pre-purchase food that we make for our boarding dogs in our facility’s kitchen. We offer special treats such as turkey meatballs and turkey bacon, as well as rice bowls, our house food (Taste of The Wild) and more that pups will devour. We will also have food that benefits our Foundation, with all proceeds going to the Dogtopia Foundation to help adults with autism receive jobs, fund service dogs for veterans, and support recruitment of therapy dogs for students

Your pup’s time with us will be filled with love by our expert team, who are passionate about working with them. Pet parents can feel rest assured their furry family member is in good hands during their time with us.


During the day, pups staying overnight play with our daycare crowd, where they will engage in stimulating brain games, work on their agility skills with exercises designed as fun activities and socialize with like-minded furry friends. Dogs average around more than 30,000 steps in a full eight-to-ten-hour day of daycare, which helps them maintain a healthy doggie lifestyle. Rather than being sedentary while you’re away, they can spend their boarding stay with us as an active pup and fulfill their natural pack instinct to be around other dogs.

Dogtopia of Bel Air regularly holds themed photoshoots, delicious peanut butter or bacon-flavored bubble parties and activities that work on their creative side. This adds to their staycation experience, as they will soon start anticipating their next overnight stay with us!

Our facility has three indoor playrooms, which will be your pup’s “home” while you’re away. It is where they will play, rest, eat, and stay overnight (unless you opt for our suites). Because of this, we put much thought into creating spaces that will fit all of our dogs’ needs.

To create a safe and comforting environment, we separate pups based on their size, play personality, and temperament. Our Toy Box playroom is a great fit for our small dogs, our Gym playroom is ideal for larger and more mature dogs and our Romper Room is ideal for medium-sized dogs with a bit more playtime energy.

Each playroom is decked out with materials that will aid in their wellbeing. Our flooring is made from compressed rubber, which is ideal for the long-term health of their joints, hips and paw pads, and we have full floor-to-ceiling soundproof walls that prevent the spread of airborne viruses and bacteria. Separating each playroom also allows our dogs to focus on the furry friends they are making during their time with us by eliminating any distractions.

Since our playrooms are indoors, we can create the ideal playtime temperature thanks to our advanced HVAC system, which also keeps the air clean. As an added bonus, your pup won’t be trekking home any dirt or debris when it’s time for pick up. However, many pet parents opt for a trip to our doggie spa as part of their boarding package. Your dog will go home smelling nice and clean, thanks to the variety of treatments offered by our expert spa team.

Our Canine Coaches are skilled at maintaining the daycare fun while keeping a watchful eye on each dog’s safety in our playrooms. Experts in managing all sizes and breeds, our Coaches can encourage socialization, exercise and learning in our playrooms so that it is always a tail-wagging good time.

To become a Dogtopia Canine Coach, they must complete a thorough four-part training process that has been approved by the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants and the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers. All of our Coaches receive training developed by a Canine Behaviorist to detect dogs’ body language and behavior. Since pups can’t speak to us and tell us what they need, this training comes in handy, as even the smallest shifts in how a dog behaves can be detected by our Canine Coaches.


The very first step to your pup’s overnight or extended stay with us is to pass our Meet & Greet. This is a quick, yet thorough 20-30-minute assessment by our trained evaluators to ensure daycare will be a breeze for pups due to our off-leash, open play environment. Since our boarding dogs will spend time in our home-style crates, we also check to see their crate comfort level. After all, comfort is key during a staycation! It is also important to determine how your pup responds to other furry pals and our staff, which is why we set up a controlled mini-play area to examine their reactions.

Since we prioritize wellness through the various activities that pups engage in throughout the day, we want to ensure all our furry guests are healthy and able to participate. Our team will perform an overall health assessment that includes jotting down any observations we may have, along with a health history check. All dogs must be at least 12 weeks old to be part of the Dogtopia squad, and those seven months and older must be spayed/neutered.

You can schedule your Meet & Greet via our quick online form or call us at 410-202-2021, and a member of our team will get you started.

Once your pup passes this assessment, we encourage them to try out daycare for a minimum of three days to help them become confident and comfortable in our open play environment. Since this will likely be a new experience, building on their familiarity will be a key way to ensure this is a relaxing time for them. It also helps them feel confident that you will always return to get them after their stay with us.

Pet parents can bring their pup’s bedding and food for their overnight or extended stay if desired. These reminders of home can help them feel more at ease during their time with us.


Being away from your dog is not easy, but our playroom webcams can help eliminate separation anxiety for our pet parents. Virtually join in on all the playtime fun our dogs are having via our private stream, which is only available for those with a dog at our facility. You can access the stream from anywhere through our website and free mobile app. Our stream is only accessible during playtime hours and will be shut off during nap and lunchtime.


As a home away from home, Dogtopia of Bel Air owners Patti and Joe Miller are thrilled to welcome you to our new facility. We are confident that our doggie experts will make your pup’s stay as enjoyable as possible.

We are located at 1427 Rock Spring Rd., in the Rock Spring Shopping Center plaza, which also has a Planet Fitness and Giant Food grocery store. There is also Carroll Motor Fuels and a Verizon store nearby. Conveniently situated off Route 1, getting to us is a breeze.

If you are leaving on a trip, we are a straight shot to downtown Bel Air, which makes drop-off and pick-up easy. Or you may want your own staycation; we are close to fun attractions like Jurassic Golf & Arcade, Rockfield 9 Disc Golf Course, Phoenix Festival Theater and more.

Ready to book your dog’s overnight or extended stay? Call us at 410-202-2021, and our friendly team will answer any of your questions to get you started. We also have an online inquiry form if you prefer.

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